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When the Cat's Away..1463

Member jycmba private msg quote post Address this user
Okay, in reality Bill asked me to do this, and it seems like a good time to do so..

We'd love to share your story on this Forum - What brought you here? Why do you want to share your message? How has the Forum helped you?

If you're not camera shy, we can set up a Google Hangout.

Or if preferred, we can do a one-on-one Skype call or message.

Just let me know. Contact me via PM or book yourself here -

First up (if you're game) -
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Member bdaoust private msg quote post Address this user
I always like to play while the boss is away! I am always looking for people to converse with and solve issues I may be having. I have certainly found it here.
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Member jycmba private msg quote post Address this user
p.s. I should add that everyone here is invited. Just wanted to invite some newer members who have been active. Veterans like @Steve and @bdaoust are naturally invited!

Just contact me however you'd like for more details.

Our goal is to get more Forum members who are mostly quiet to share more of their own stories.
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Teacher SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user
Hi @jycmba
What a great idea.
I'm not sure how to use the calendly link (sorry) but my Skype id is: susandayauthor

I agree with @bdaoust there's certainly a lot to learn here. I can't believe how much I have learned and, to be honest, it's given my career a new, more focused direction.
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Teacher SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user
I think I might have worked calendly out @jycmba
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Member jycmba private msg quote post Address this user
@SusanDay - y, looks like we're all set to chat. Looking fwd to it!
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Teacher SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user
Me too!
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Member tienny private msg quote post Address this user
I'm not sure whether I can make it due to timing issue.

I'm here to learn.

I want to share my message to learn to inspire others.

The forum helps me a lot. I'm struggling to manage my priorities.
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user
I've been in business for more than 40 years and I've learned a lot in that time. I've had spectacular successes and miserable failures. I've worked in many dream jobs and done much hard work, ranging from laborer to multi-national corporate executive. I have developed, sold, and closed many businesses of my own.

For the last 30 years I've been exploring the online world, since before the Internet was public; back when it had names like ARPAnet and NSFnet. You know, when Al Gore was creating it! If it's online and more than a year old I've probably seen it, explored it, accepted it, or rejected it.

I built my first commercial website in 1994, less than one year after the World Wide Web was rolled out. My first major corporate website client involved hand coding the first website for the Royal Bank of Canada. I still have a couple of the original "story boards" provided by their Madison-Avenue-type marketing agency.

Since then I've built hundreds of personal and client sites -- I lost count some time ago. Originally they were all hand coded using HTML and, later, PHP and MySQL. I have also use most all of the major website creation software packages and online website builders.

I've worked on Windows, Linux and Unix servers. I was a trained server administrator. I've owned and operated my own Internet Service Provider (ISP) companies. I even ran an international bulletin board system (BBS) with over 7500 users world-wide before it was possible to access the Internet directly.

I came late to WordPress; about 2007. I was slow to adopt it but when I finally did I dug into it with a passion and haven't looked back. Most all of my website work today is WordPress based. While I still do a lot of hand coding and database work, it is now within the WordPress framework.

I continue to create and manage websites for clients. I am affordable and approachable for all kinds of jobs but I don't just take on anything. If you think we might be able to work together feel free to contact me for an initial meeting. I prefer Zoom or Skype. I have a commercial Zoom account and I will send you a link to my private virtual meeting room.

A few years ago, as I was approaching 60 years of age, I made a metaphorical right-turn in my business and branched into another somewhat different arena. I realized my extensive business experience -- both the successes and the failures -- over the years positioned me with valuable knowledge and expertise, and my in-depth, and foundational, role in the online world allowed me to apply that experience to assist those developing their online presence.

Today, as well as technical website development, I also instruct and mentor solopreneurs and small business operators in regards their online presence development. This covers a range of topics from social media to Internet marketing, search optimization to content development, inbound marketing to visibility and engagement. In a phrase, I call it From Website To Wealth.

My programs are affordable, starting at as little as US$49.00 per month, and comprehensive to suit the needs of the client. I get involved in limited one-off projects, short term programs (several weeks or a few months) and have a handful of clients who have been with me for years. I also market task-specific products and services to satisfy selected markets.

I am always open to examining new projects, joint ventures, and mastermind or mentoring situations. I do charge for my services and will explore four things with you in our first meeting:

1) available budget
2) time commitment
3) actual desire
4) power to deal

Yours! It often isn't the price, but whether or not you satisfy all four of those criteria.

I came to this forum on a recommendation from @jycmba. John was a great ambassador and suggested there would be a lot to interest me here. He wasn't wrong.

In the months I have been here I have networked with many interesting individuals and have engaged directly with several. I have learned and gained and, I hope, shared at least equally in return.

My personal philosophy speaks to always giving something of value, and to helping others get started and succeed. I believe in giving back to the community that supports me and find the Universe is a kinder place for it.

I love discovering new things and learn something new every day, at least once each day! Currently I am exploring Blab and discovering it's power as an inbound marketing platform.

I work from an office in a converted bedroom in my home in south central Kansas and earn my entire living online. I suppose you could say I live the "laptop lifestyle" because I can conduct my business from my laptop anywhere in the world that has a WiFi or network connection.

Feel free to contact me the the forum messaging system, by regular email: or through one of my several websites, WizardsPlace.
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Member jycmba private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks @SusanDay!

Here's the video -

Sorry we were having connection problems on my end. Really appreciate your patience!
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