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My assistant and I have been preparing diligently the past couple of weeks for an overseas assignment to deliver training on various levels.

I will be doing 2 days of all-day training on digital storytelling for some very large corporations. Texas Instruments. Danone, L'Oreal (my wife wants me to bring some free samples home.)

Before that training I will be delivering an all-day training at an eMBA program....I found this opportunity somewhat by chance. When I knew I was going to go to Shanghai I thought to explore other possibilities...and this one came to fruition.

As it turns out the organizer of the eMBA program is bent on launching more programs for their satellite schools and online. They want someone to help them who has experience teaching and teaching online.

All of this came shortly after I started repurposing content on Linked in from my blog.

They found me. But only because I had generated content and found the right platforms to share it.

What's your story about this leading to that to there and them?

Wanna share?
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Lol - that's been a recurring topic for me lately.. "trusting the process"

Years ago, I left the Navy not sure of what came next. That led to odd jobs until eventually getting hired in my first job. After a lay off, I wondered if I could finally go into business for myself.

Eventually, I start helping owners to buy / sell businesses and teaching students online how to start their own field inspection businesses.

Came across the story of this guy who traded a red paper clip until finally getting the house of his dreams..

Speaking of storytelling.. on Thursday we share his creative entrepreneurs journey!
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