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Can Paid and Organic Traffic Get Along?1442

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Can paid and organic traffic get along?

I am about to find out.

I risk my life here by announcing that I am, sort of, teaming up with a local company that buys traffic and leads.

I know, I know... it's not organic. Nor is it sustainable long term.

But they have shown me their dashboard and the niches where they have tangible and money making results.

And they have hired me to be their front person. And want me to be their 'organic' guy.

It just befuddles me that the two of us can have a civil conversation in the first place. 8-)

Do you have experience with marrying paid and organic traffic?

Wanna share?
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I asked the founder of this paid lead generation company abt drawbacks.

1. It takes 3 months or so and an initial investment before returns are seen. But they guarantee solid leads of abt 15 phone calls within the first 3 months.

2. When/if the client stops buying leads the return is zero...and there is no residual. Everything to that point is lost.

What's your experience with paid ads?
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I'm not sure on the paid traffic. All along I have been depending on organic traffic.
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I have worked with both paid and organic traffic sources with a level of success for clients. Paid traffic is good if you are properly targeting the audience. In many cases, apart from SEO and organic social traffic, I see a lot of success bidding on high commercial intent keywords in adwords/microsoft if you don't rank for them organically.

In fact, I have seen a local store, a furniture store to be precise, worry about getting too many leads from paid channels than they can handle in our local market.

I think as a marketer, good traffic is targeted traffic, no matter how you're getting it- paid or organic. Smart businesses that need leads must have both- and optimize how they can make the traffic they are getting to lots- for conversions.

Nonetheless, I love organic because I feel sort off attached to it Bill. Like you, my teacher
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It all has to to with basic economics risk and return.
Paid leads have a clear price and timeline.
Organic leads have a price and timeline too. Have you ever figured them out? My guess is far more and far longer than the paid.
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