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Why Stereotyping is a really bad idea1440

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I don't know if it comes with living in Silicon Valley and the 'types' that end of here ... or if people are changing ... or if I just got old.

There is a certain demographic, by ethnicity, that I have had a particularly hard time with.

They consistently (read ALWAYS) want too much for too little (read NOTHING)... make promises and don't keep them and ... and.

I was stiffed yet again by a member of this country. I was notified by SMS only AFTER I had reached out to follow through.

No, I'm sorry. Just another 'request' for me to help them ... ARGH!

In another text window I had a different member of this ethnic group. Several times I sighed in exasperation, to myself, picked up my phone and started to cancel an appointment we had sked for this morning ... figuring yet another waste of time that I definitely can't spare right now.

But, I went anyway.

A terrifically refreshing discussion. Lots of transparency. A very different perspective, read opposites on approaches to marketing ... and much more.

Still a lot of work to do. But I am once again optimistic...even hopeful that my stereotyping can be silenced.

Have you any experience with overcoming stereotyping?

Wanna share?
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They followed up!

I am meeting them tomorrow morning to sign a contract.

And we'll go from there.

Show to go you what I know...or don't know as the case may be.
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