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How best to use 80K targeted emails?1436

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This person has 80,000 emails that s/he has accumulated over many years.

They are going to use their email list, which they both have control over, to kick start their business.

I have in mind a good way to use their lists...but was hoping to tap into the wisdom and experience of this group here.

The product is instructional ... and they have a deep resource that people would likely pay to access either one time or on an ongoing basis.

What do you think is the best way for them to use the list to get things going?

Build a membership site, a pay per view site, an instructional platform that can be bought? Some combination?

What would you do?

Hint: this image gives a bit away.

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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user
That's targeted email addresses...from real people that s/he has cultivate (hint) a relationship with over many years.
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Member Tonyyakovlev private msg quote post Address this user
They should do it in six steps I believe:

1. Create a membership site
2. Create a blog
3. Create retargeted ads on facebook for that 80K people
4. Send them an invitation to join maillist
5. Continue posting and sending info to the subscribers
6. Enjoy traffic and sales

If they need assistabce with any of those they can reach out to me.
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Thanks for the tips/suggestions. I will let you know.
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Member LizG private msg quote post Address this user
If you're just looking for the best ways to reach those people and not do any damage to your list, a Facebook custom audience is a good idea - but Google recently released its own email remarketing audience that has an even higher match rate than Facebook. Targeted display ads to those former clients could be very powerful and fine tuned extremely well. For example, you can ad impression caps, show specific ads to men vs. women, specific ads to people who visited in the last 10 days vs. those who didn't, or who visited certain pages, or watched a video if you have even tracking setup. It's seriously the best product Google has released all year, I am super excited to try it out this holiday season.
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