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Ronald McDonald Was Stolen. Yeah, right?1400

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A statue of Ronald McDonald was stolen from a house in Mass. by some teenagers during a party.

The statue was later dumped, literally found near a dumpster outside a health club.

The statue was bought by the couple for $1,200! If you asked me they were robbed.

Who buys a statue of a clown for $1200 and uses it for a home decoration?

Unless, of course, McDonald's put them or the thief up to it.

I am not accusing McDonald's but it's probably would not be the first time a brand stooped to get some empathy.

Marketing by another means.

Do you know of a brand who took the sleazy approach?
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I don't think the McDonald's where I lived for years put somebody up to it, but our statue disappeared fairly routinely and it was moved to various locations. I might note that the man who owned that franchise in our town had a teenage son who was a friend of my daughter. He loved pulling pranks - especially with his dad's statue. Generally, after the initial upset, the prank was to move it from the store to somebody's back yard for any number of teenage reasons. Imagine the shock of seeing that huge Donald looking in your window! lolol (sorry, but various reports of reactions were pretty hilarious). Donald always got taken back until the next time someone "deserved" him.
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If his dad didn't put him up to it, he should have. This day and age videos could be taken and it would make great user generated content ... that is fun ... and also does marketing.

It reminds me of the Gnome that was taken all around the world and had his picture taken. I'll have to try and dig that up.
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Here's the gnome and he has a name. Kern!

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