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What if you were given a do over?1395

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Not that born again.

What would you do if you had a do over? If you weren't doing the job you are doing what would you be doing?

Now... if you were doing that...whatever that is... how would kmowing how to do that make you better at doing what you are doing?


In order to do things differently you have to do different things.

Ideas come when we bring in transferrable ideas or lessons learned?

What did you learn there that helps you do things better here?

I'll share my lessons in a follow up thread.
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One of my most important marketing lessons was learned running.

I did triathlons for a while when I lived in Japan. I graduated to ultra distance running. I have covered 100 miles by foot in less than 24 hours.

After that hard took on a completely different meaning.

People would say,"XYZ is hard to do." I would think "if you broke it down into steps it was doable." It might take a lot of steps but it'd still be doable.

Marketing is hard. The most valuable of skills is the ability to do tedious things enough times to get amazing results.

We'd all be amazed at the big things we could accomplish if we were willing to little things enough times until they worked their magic.
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If I were to do over again:

I would have started earlier and not stayed in my accounting job that I was unhappy at.

I would have not spent too much money so I have money to invest in content creation.
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Great tips. Do what you love and you'll be better at it.

Don't be afraid to hire someone who has 'been there, done that.'

I have probably wasted a lot of money learning things on my own when I could have paid someone half or less what I wasted to tell me how best to work.
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