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Where can I find SEO/SEM help?1376

Member jlr5385 private msg quote post Address this user
I just started a side job and I am thrown off on SEO and SEM when someone already has a Google account established for ad words, etc. I didn't know if there were other sites that could help with SEO/SEM. Any suggestions or something!

I don't understand how to help a small company when they already have keywords and the account is already established. They already spend $7 a day on PPC and promote their website by paying FB as well. They don't come up first organically either. Any ideas to help in this area?

They want to improve it but I am not sure... ANY Cheap/free ideas would be awesome!

Maybe I am not thinking outside the box...
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Member Tonyyakovlev private msg quote post Address this user
Don't understand what even the problem is. They are paying for ads. What is wrong about it?
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Member jlr5385 private msg quote post Address this user
@Tonyyakovlev The issue is everything he is paying for is not bringing more attention to his website. So, now he wants other options. He wants to organically get his website ranking higher and also get more traffic to his website. I am stuck because he is already using Google for SEO/SEM. Any other options, or suggestions that maybe I am overlooking?
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

SEM is never cheap. And when it is cheap it is not effective unless the market is very very small.

Here's a free idea ... unless you charge yourself for your time.

Create a blog and write for them on your site about your product and how it solves problems.

Take the money you are spending on Google Adwords and Facebook and invest in better content on your host site. You will get much more bang for the buck by doing that.
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Member jycmba private msg quote post Address this user
@jlr5385 - without knowing where their ideal customers are hanging out, you're shooting in the dark.

Once you have a better picture of this, then you can invest in ways to attract them by meeting them where they're at - and providing content that points to your value.

Are they 40-50 yr old housewives that scrapbook in their spare time? (Pinterest) or 20-30 yr old professionals who enjoy finding that hip new food truck? (Instagram)

Selling without selling is about understanding "why" your ideal customer wants to know about your "what" and being "where" they're hanging out "when" they're interested in knowing "how" to buy.
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Member jlr5385 private msg quote post Address this user
@jycmba @Belew


He has a blog section on his website too. He owns a medical supply company who sells breast pumps, diabetic shoes, and medical braces. The breast pumps are selling, but the shoes and braces are not. The target audience is going to be more senior level so I think direct mail would be more beneficial, but doctors, hospitals, etc. are already mentioning his product because insurance covers it. He wants people to come into his location with a script and purchase the shoes and braces directly. With this being said, he still wants his website ranking higher and he wants people in the area to know they can pick it up at his location. Does this help with suggestions?
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

Free advice ... Blog.

Blog about the product, who can use it, its benefits, and the location where it can be picked up.

Write multiple blogs, as often as you can with different people in mind who can benefit from the shoes (lots of different people) and braces (lots of different people) ... and mention the location where it can be picked up.

I had a plumber (not that much different 8-0! ) and mention his service, products and locations in and around where he could serve. He nailed it.

You can nail it, too.

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Member jlr5385 private msg quote post Address this user
@Belew - I like your thinking...

One last question! Do you mean blog on his website? Because the issue is getting people to his website and he does have a blog section. Do you mean post these blogs on Facebook, Twitter, and his website? Any other recommendations on where to post blogs. His following isn't that big's about 585 followers, and most of them are moms(again, the breast pumps sell), and this is to the elderly. Children of the elderly would be the one to most-likely show them the blog, right?
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

Blog on his site. Do NOT worry about posting to Facebook and Twitter.

Just put more good content on his site and he will be found.

Don't buy adwords. Don't pay for FB promotion. It won't help at this point.

All the work should be done on his site. It'll work.

Make sure you have a clear call to action on each blog post.

You will see results.

If you like, you can reach out via inmail and we can talk consulting ... getting the exact mechanics right. I can get you going for less than you pay for a month of adwords. 8-)

Blogging will do more for you than anything else you are spending time or money on.
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Member jycmba private msg quote post Address this user
@jlr5385 - my only experience with B2B is with business owners buying / selling businesses.

But the parallel to what you're talking about is that unlike consumer products, it's a few key decision makers.

This makes things both easier and harder - *easier* in that you're not trying to reach as many individuals.

*Harder* because you've to to nail it when you communicate with these folks, or everything else you communicate is lost in the white noise of the market.

While "medical supply" lumps things together, you already recognize that we're talking very different places to reach these folks.

People who buy diabetic shoes and medical braces are unlikely to come in themselves. On the other hand this could be a business opportunity for delivery folks / couriers to add an income stream as an "authorized independent seller."

Contact @Belew about ways to build his online presence. I'd be glad to chat about other ideas.
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user
By way of full disclosure: SEO is part of my business mix -- a service I charge for.


From what I can see your understanding of current SEO is limited and you are trying to equate proverbial apples to oranges. If your client wants organic traffic then content is the key. Any content (enough of it) will get you (your client's site) seen. But targeted content will get you seen faster by the right people and result in better conversions.

There are other factors you can consider to sharpen the focus and improve the results but content is the foundation of it. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk. My first 30 minutes (or so) is always free.

For what it's worth, I understand your target market a little. I'm a boomer, a diabetic, I've consulted on medical hiring, and my daughter is having a baby. ;o)
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Member Tonyyakovlev private msg quote post Address this user
Breast pumps is definitely a great content, as it can provide you with tons of great videos and photos of moms, children, happy families, etc. You can just blog it out through your blog section, via instagram, pinterest, etc.

You'll definitely get thousands of followers if you do it right.
You probably wont need any contaxt ads at all, or very little of it pretty soon.

Good luck!
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Member jycmba private msg quote post Address this user
Here's a great article about building relationships instead of just "marketing" -
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user
There has to be somebody. But I don't know who they are.

Do you know anybody who has made PPC work? Who does SEM right?

Spare me the Budweiser storied or huge brands. How about the everyperson? Who is buying search rankings and making it work?
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Member LizG private msg quote post Address this user
You never said what type of Adwords your client is buying. 7 dollars a day is literally nothing, and it's probably not set up correctly - thus not leading to conversions.

I would do three things just with Google alone:

1) Display advertising with targeted placements and demographics by age/gender. One campaign for each of the product groups, so one for breast pumps, one for diabetic shoes, and one for braces. Each campaign has 3 - 6 image sizes of those particular products. Then if you do a Google search using "", you can find exact phrases. For example, if you search "breast pump" and "blog" - Google will return blogs that contain the keyword "breast pump". Make a list of these blogs and use them for your targeted placements and you'll avoid wasting money. Once you have 30 or so placements per campaign, narrow it down further by demographics. For breast pumps, only display to women between the ages of 25 - 39 for example.

2) Branded keyword text campaign. You can set up one for the website name and branded search terms of the top selling product categories with exact match keywords that have converted over time.

3) Google Shopping. Look in Analytics and choose the top performing products, and place more competitive bids on those. Put everything outside of your top performing products with a .01 bid so that they are still visible when searched for by brand and product ID.

I would scrap Facebook all together unless he's using a custom audience pixel, that's probably a complete waste of money.

For SEO, like others have said the basis is on good content. eCommerce is a little trickier as you have to have your canonical tags set up properly to avoid being dinged for duplicate content. Category pages on eCommerce sites will hold the most weight, and your internal linking structure/category silos can boost specific category pages in the SERPs. I have a floor tape client that was grossing $800 a month attributed directly to organic search that jumped up to $3,300 in just 45 days - all I changed was his anchor text on the home page and wrote around 600 characters of copy for each of the category pages.
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