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My 1st Email Marketing Try. Feedback?1343

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Everyone has to start someplace. I have emailed out before. But I have never approached email from a marketer's perspective.

Here's my first email out as a 'marketer'.



My Promise - One Gift Each Week to Improve Your Marketing Strategy


I am venturing in to new territory.

I pledge to earn your trust via email, too.

In the spirit of the AMAs and Lunch & Learns where I answer questions freely, I want to give you something via email as well.

The gift may be:

1. a tip on how to do content marketing better, shucks, do marketing better

2. something funny yet motivating

3. a hard lesson learned from a case study I am in the middle of

4. a super cool product, service that I have learned about

5. an invitation to an upcoming event or webinar.

I may deliver these gifts in the email or send you to a video or a site. I promise, it'll never take more than 7 and half minutes of your time to check out. Even less if you are fast.

Please give me a chance to earn your trust via email. And if I am not doing a good job ... email directly at wcbelew @ (I check multiple times daily) and let me know. I will take your feedback to heart and keep improving.

This week I invite you to a FREE Webinar - "The Joy of Finding Great Customers." <= click

My partner in crime, Sunil Bhaskaran, will deliver the webinar. I'll be on it as well.

Sunil writes:

In this educational, interactive and joyful webinar, discover the following for yourself

1. Steps to create solid sales engines that delivers good customers to your door step

2. The 2 parallel processes that you MUST have in your business to create more money and less work time and less stress

3. How you can incorporate these points in an appropriate timeline to make the next year - your best year in business and lifestyle

Come with an open mind. Come with a willingness to roll your sleeves up and do some good high return on investment learning, and I promise I will reciprocate with information and coaching that makes a difference to your state of mind and to the bottom line of your business (future or current).

See you on the webinar: The Joy of Finding Great Customers <= click!

Thanks for letting me in your email box.

Bill Belew
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Industry average click thru - 6.9%.

Mine ... 10%.

Opt outs and dead emails aside. I prefer the opt outs to being annoying/sending emails to people who for whatever reason don't want them.

I wonder though how emails go dead.
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Top Contributor Steve private msg quote post Address this user
I look at email opt outs as list refocusing as those that are left are really interested in what I am saying. My email newsletter go out three times a week ... my list grows daily and well ... draw your own conclusion...
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I will see if I can pull off once/week before trying twice/week.
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