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Sometimes, there are some really cool images on Facebook.

Posted by a high school friend. I stared at this photo for a very long time. I admit to getting all welled up inside with emotion.

I forwarded on to my nephew, who's son just enlisted in the Army. My dad served in WWII. I am the only one of 6 siblings who served ... NOT in WWII. Others in the forum here have served. Thank you for your service!

So many words come to mind from looking at this image ... all of which if applied to my task at hand ... content marketing... would make me better at what I do.

I often tell my students that it is not something new that is going to change the world. But something old.


If you would change the world ... yours/theirs, you must first begin building in to yourself the essential mettle to do so.

Start building your character today. Start now.

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This is a great image if you plan to write something up for Veteran's Day. ... or Memorial Day.
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