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These are the questions I had when I created my first LinkedIn page. To benefit all of us, please feel free to share your questions and answers you found out.
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I understand the interest/desire to get readers here to take a look at your blog at

But there is a much better way.

How about sharing some of the questions, then a link to more at ...destination site.

How about sharing them all here with an active link to something else relevant at your site that expands on the thoughts or maybe answers some of the questions.

It's better form to give something before asking people to do something.

Does this make sense?

Additionally... hyperlinking to "questions I had" will give no benefit to the original blog entry. Nobody searches for 'questions I had."
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Yes, it makes sense. There is a long list of questions, did not want to post all of them here.

Here are a few questions,

1. Why do I want to create a LinkedIn page?

Having a presence on at least, widely popular professional social network is crucial for any business in this social media era. 75% of B2B buyers rely more on content to research and make B2B purchasing decisions than they did a year ago. LinkedIn is one the most reliable sources for any professionals to look for information about your company.

See How to Effectively Create and Manage LinkedIn Page for a Business

2. Is it free?

Yes, it is free. You do not have to be a premium member to create a page.

3. Do I need to have a company email to create a page?

Yes. In order to avoid solicitation, LinkedIn enforces users to have a company email account that they can verify while creating a page.

4. Can there be multiple administrators for a page?

Yes. If you create the page, then you will automatically become an administrator. You can add more LinkedIn users as administrators. They can have the exact same permissions as you have.

5. Is a profile picture important for a company page?

Yes. LinkedIn gives heavy weight-age to pages and profiles that have pictures in rendering in search results etc. Having a profile picture not only makes your business look more authentic but it also helps in branding by repeatedly displaying your company logo next to every page activity.

6. Can I keep my personal profile separated from the company page?

Yes. Your personal profile activities can be completely separated from the company page activities. For example, you can post an update on your company page as an administrator, and this will not show under your personal activities.

7. What’s a showcase page and why do I need it?

If you have multiple business units that has different target markets or audience, you can create a showcase page. For example, Cisco has created a separate showcase page for its Security business.

See more FAQs on LinkedIn Page. Please feel free to add your own discoveries around creating and maintaining a LinkedIn page.
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Comes across as a spam post, simply want a link to me ...
Sorry... tuning out now...
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