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Incoming Links NOT Needed for Page 1 Rank1336

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I was reading in my email feed from one of the most respected SEO experts. I am not calling him out, because he is good. And his insights are generally spot on. Generally ...

He said, "We've looked at whether you can actually rank content without any links at all. It turns out almost impossible, so next to impossible that we couldn't find a single credible example of a page that ranked without any links unless it was on a site that had lots of links pointing to it."

I have an example.

I have been creating a thread and building on it here in the forum.

Characteristics of a Real Influencer.

I NEVER fished for backlinks. I am pretty sure nobody has linked to it. If so, it's not because of anything I did.

Search for some variation using - characteristics, real, influencer ... see what you find.

I asked someone I know in the Philippines to give it a try just for giggles.

Here's the result.

Page 1, position 9 on a Google search.

Maybe the phrase is too obscure making it easy to rank. I don't know, don't care. I generally think that if I'd use certain words to search, others will, too.

My point ... you can rank for a good phrase in search without links.

Has anyone else done this?
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I have done so
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It is higher on my search.
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It also depends on the topic, I've been listed as well
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