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What's Your Best Black Friday Offer?1334

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I never really gave this much thought ... until now.

Black Friday is about 6 weeks away.

It's probably not too early to start thinking and creating your content to market your product or a client's service for #blackfriday. Or is it?

Do you make a black Friday offer?

I never have. And don't know where I'd start.

How about you?
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Good question. Hubby and I were discussing what I might need to do to get some sales going. Yep, several months and NO sales. I look at my page, have taken the suggestions from many people and nothing, nada, not a penny. Black Friday might be a good time to really do something like BOGO, etc. Until you mentioned it just now I hadn't really thought about that.

Any suggestions? This is kind of ridiculous really and I don't want to hang it up, but it's pretty dumb on my part to keep doing the same old thing expecting different results. Does Black Friday suddenly open wallets and pocketbooks? How well does it work?
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Nothing works if people don't know about you.

Nothing works better than giving would-be visitors a reason to find you = add quality content to your site.

What kind of marketing have you been doing?

How's it working for you?
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