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POLL: Strategy for 1,000 visitors per day?1326

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Hi Folks,

Have you achieved 1,000 unique, organic visitors per day?

What is the correct strategy for achieving 1,000 visitors per day, and when does this typically occur? Is the path from 0 - 1,000 slow and steady, or should one expect a sudden, exponential leap at some point?

Our site has required about 8 months to achieve 200v per day - Does that mean that we will require another 8 months to move forward by 200, or is there a point where growth becomes exponential?


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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user
A big concern to address before chasing 1000 visitors / day is to give an honest answer to the question, "Do I have an idea or service that will interest 1000 visitors daily?"

Is my market big enough to garner that kind of traffic?
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Once I have determined the market is big enough the strategy is rather simple to reach 1000 visitors daily.

A lot of good content, written well, posted consistently within a network of other like-minded and hard working writers.
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@belew I believe it is not that easy. A lot of blogs/websites have 300 visitors per day, and they stay around the same for a long time. And they are not the same 300 each day, they are 80% new.

This means that the retention rate is pretty low of course, which can be caused not only by low content quality but also a number of other factors.

Thus you don't need just a good content, you need some kind of good content that compells your visitors come for it again and again.
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