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When Do Infographics Become Overkill?1317

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I tell my daughter that 'too much is too much.'

Sometimes there is too much info in infographics.

Or is there?

When do you think an infographic has gone into overkill?

There's an infographic in this thread on image placement at social network sites.

There's too much info to be seen in the forum box. So, I click.

Still too small when the entire infographic is seen without the need to scroll down.

Click to enlarge. 8, count 'em, clicks to scroll through the whole infographic and the font is still too small to read.

When do infographics become overkill?

When do you say enough info is enough?

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Agreed - The test:

Value added to THE WORLD:
Is the Infographic answering my question? Or is the Infographic attempting to "wow" me with colors, images, and statistics that have no practical application for me?

Value added to THE WEBSITE:
However - If the strategy is purely to overwhelm and impress the reader with images, you may get a ton of shares and links . . .

Keep it simple.

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In the above example of placement for images in social, I would have done a series of posts/infographics to allow the reader to pick the one they want.

I might want to know about Facebook and not care about Twitter header for example.

By trying to put too much info in one place = think long-form content, the reader is NOT served.

Better to be specific than large.
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