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True Story: I Never Wear a Tie. But today ..1292

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I never wear a tie. I just don't. But today, I put one on.

I am tasked with creating a video and I am to be 'business formal' for the video. Business formal does not help with getting over camera shy.


I have these giant umbrella studio lights that I am trying to position to get rid of all the shadows.

I also have a huge glass of iced tea. Um ... not have. Had.

Yup. I started moving the studio lamps around. Maybe you can see where this is going.

One of the chords from a studio lamp grabbed my iced tea. Who would have thought that cords have personalities and try to make life difficult for people like me?

The iced tea went for my computer. I dove.
The studio light headed for the back door in quick fashion by leaning outward and down.

Decision time - save the computer or save the lamp. Computer won.

Iced tea everywhere and CRASH... light bulb pieces all over the floor. The crash vaguely resembled a laugh ... until it shattered.

Well... wipe, wipe, sweep, sweep. Then I got out the vacuum cleaner to suck up all the light bulb shards.

In a moment of reflection while I pondered the mysteries of the business formal universe ... the vacuum cleaner reached out and latched on to my tie. Seriously. My tie, still around my neck was pulled deep into the long tube of the vacuum cleaner. There I was trying to breathe and turn off the vacuum cleaner at the same time.

Say what?!

Iced tea here, there and everywhere. Glass shards on the other side of the room. And now me being sucked into a vacuum cleaner by an article of clothing I haven't worn in forever ... or should I say never again.

Who said being a content marketer isn't dangerous work?

Okay... I can go back to work now.
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LOL - love it! May you have a slightly less dangerous rest of the day.
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Member Jonnner private msg quote post Address this user

If you had the video camera on .. I bet you can show yourself ... that you were not camera shy during your ice tea... shattered light... umbrella in the wind... suctioned tie... breathing exercise... calm elegance.... adventure.
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user
Great story. Real meat for a blog post... or a forum post... or... well, hey!

And duct tape. Remember duct tape. It's your friend.

You do have three lights, right? Can't get rid of shadows with just two. Two lights just doubles the shadows.
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Yup... 3 lights... except for the broken one.

Now I have 2.5 lights. Two 225W and one 100W. I bought the wrong one. Dang it!
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Get fluorescent bulbs. Bright enough and cheap enough these days. Get 5000K (light value) and not "daylight" for most natural "sun" light in front of the camera. Much cooler, much less electricity consumption.
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Great tip!

The guys who commissioned me to make these videos for them ordered some studio lights and they showed up in the mail.

I have been wrestling them, unsuccessfully as it turns out, all day.
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