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This Forum Number Surprised Me and I Own it!1269

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Those of you who have been around the forum for a while will know that I am always about trying to quantify quality, measure performance, determine ROI on time and effort ... that sort of thing.

I am working on something for forum members that I think you will find very useful... super cool may be too strong ... but then again ... maybe not.

While preparing this, um, tool...don't know what to call it, for forum members, my trusty assistant/boss Stella and I came upon an incredible number ... incredible to me anyway.

My best guess based on number of threads, number of posts and average words per post is that the forum now has OVER:

Drumroll please....

1,300,000 words.

That's the equivalent of 2,600 - 3,200 posts (400-500 words long)!

Holy Toledo! Good Googie Moogie.

That's a lot of good stuff... and some not so good maybe.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for contributing. Thanks for teaching, for asking, for learning.

Now ... if we/I could figure out a way to mine all that content and classify and make it useful ... Well, I am working on that very thing.
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As a low tech solution; you might have members vote on Permanent Display Status for individual posts and separately for threads. You might do this by just announcing that you are using the current "votes" that way. That way you can adjust the vote results when appropriate.
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Good idea. It has to be low tech. It has to be easy to use. It has to be newbie friendly and veteran helpful.
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