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Who else has bi-, multicultural experience?1228

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I know, I know. Contrary to what Americana think, we are not the center of the world.

I lived in Japan for nearly 20 years. At one point I had spent more of my life outside of the US than in

This experience of living overseas has had a tremendous influence oh how I do things, how I think.

Who else lives / has lived outside the US?

My experiences in many cultures in invaluable to me.

How about you? How are you different for having experienced many different cultures?

How does it make you a better marketer?

How does that experience affect your attitude as a marketer?

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Teacher SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user
I travelled around the globe twice as a child on ocean liners. I was exposed to such a wide variety of nationalities and cultures the thought of being racist was so foreign to me.

Re marketing? I'm still learning about that but I do believe there is a large untapped multicultural market that I can offer something worthwhile to.
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Member lunar_ranger private msg quote post Address this user
I can't claim 20 years, but have spent time in Iraq, Jordan, UAE, Afganistan, Turkey, Germany, and the UK and have traveling quite a bit-meeting my wife in Scotland. The US is big, rich, there are a lot of places to visit, and its easy for American's to think they're at the center of the universe. The world operates very differently.
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Member mcc private msg quote post Address this user

Aside from various places in the US, I've lived in Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Wish I've lived in many other countries as well.

I'm not a good marketer.
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user
At the risk of playing the "Trump" card, let me say that some time ago the southern border issue was already on our radar. The problem with cultural-changing, crime-increasing, job-stealing, cross-border interlopers was something that was becoming all too real. Long before the infamous real estate mogul made his "yooge" impact on the U.S. political landscape, the effects of this serious trans-cultural invasion across the southern border was being felt in all aspects of society.

Rather than build a wall, the Canadian solution was to counter-punch. We introduced the concept of the hyphenated-American. We then set Canadian actors and performers like Jill Hennessy, Pamela Anderson, Dan Aykroyd, Ellen Page, Raymond Burr, Lorne Greene, Corey Haim, Neve Campbell, Jill Hennessy, Justin Bieber, John Candy, Tommy Chong, James Doohan, Alan Thicke, Mike Myers, Michael J. Fox, Jim Carey, Kiefer Sutherland and his father, Donald, Jason Priestley Howie Mandel, Rae Dawn Chong, Eugene Levy, Graham Greene, Leslie Nielsen, Margot Kidder, Rick Moranis, Seth Rogen, Martin Short, and the great William Shatner, loose on Hollywood.

We solved the problem by quietly taking over the soul of the country. My task was Kansas, but I think that was more like punishment rather than part of the solution. ::sigh::

Maybe the U.S. should send the Donald to Mexico to deal with the cartels. He could start a reality televisión show called Estás despedido!
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You mean Jack Bauer came here and brought his father? I thought it was the other way around.

You should add to that list ball players. Being a Reds fan, Joey Votto immediately comes to mind.

Cincy had to raise county taxes to pay his salary but we have one of the best. And Votto is happy to keep his hands warmer. ... at least a little bit more often.
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

I once thought abt retiring on a cruise ship. And living out my days crushing around the world. I have heard of people who do this and even looked into it. It's not unreasonable. But I think the cruising lifestyle would wear on me...if I didn't eat myself to death.

there are 3 kinds of people who cruise.

The newlywed.
The over fed.
The nearly dead.

I am none of them. ... yet.
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Member cm_hazelwood private msg quote post Address this user
@Belew What was the original question? Oh, Cross-cultural, bi-cultural--

I was very much isolated as an American (by the way, there is a United States of Brazil!) until my family moved to Tampa, Florida, when I was in 8th grade. Then I met Hispanic people for the first time, and that was about the time the Cuban Missile crisis happened, so there were a lot of Cubanos around.

When I went to college, I met international students and interacted with them on a daily basis.

I've been out of the USA only once, and that was on a day trip to Montreal, Canada.

So, I am sure my ideas are very provincial American, but at least I am aware of a large variety of people!

And we are all human beings with similar needs and wants, even if we go about our lives in very different ways.
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