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What would you do with $42 million?1225

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NewsCred is a group of millennials in NYC. They do a LOT of good research in content marketing and work with some pretty big brands.

They just got a $42 million infusion to play with.

Good for them. Good for us. We'll see a lot more research coming out.

How about you? What would you do if somebody gave you $42 million?

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You often quote Mark Twain and I believe ol' Sam once said something to the effect of, "I object to millionaires on principle but it would be dangerous to offer me the position."

I concur.

With $42 million I could help a lot of people get started on their dreams. I would be glad to take on the task.

It amazes me how much money is wasted on presidential candidates' egos. Maybe I can find a backer so I could do some real work in their name.
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I'd like to be offered the position as well.
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May I apply for the position as well?

With that much money, my husband could quit his job. We could work on our dream, travel, invest, and use the money to support some very worthy causes.
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We would first make sure our immediate family (children and grandchildren and us) had all their bills/mortgage/etc. paid off. It would be a one-time offer. We would do the same plus invest or save by setting aside a few years of rent/mortgage to have it available for ourselves.

After making sure we were all strong in order to help others, we (meaning the two of us) would give more to our church, further help Feed the Children, Samaritan's Purse and our nearby women's shelter with funds to also further their shelter/programs for men in the future.

After that, we now thoroughly enjoy doing a simple pay it forward surprise for waiters and waitresses as we are able.

Then breathe a sigh of relief...
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The money is an illusion. We each choose whether to live The Ideal Day, or not.

A $42 million (after tax) nest egg would accrue roughly a $2 million annual dividend. Assuming no taxes (charitable foundation), I'd charter the funds into a fiscal partnership program. It's like an incubator for non profits.

The foundation would focus on logistics / access to clean water, clean air and education on personal hygiene. With almost half the planet still living in near-poverty conditions, we have a lot of work ahead of us before even 2/3rds of people alive today have enough food and water.

Bring clean water and food to 1 billion people -- that's a nice mission.
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Create job opportunities and to let them reach to their potential.
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I'm with you on this one. Just think of how many lives could be touched for the better.

I cannot help but think of the situation in Syria at the moment and how much a foundation like that can help. The a so many more, but it is just top of mind for me right now.
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@nicosuccess -- Well said.

Syria, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, lots of central America, the majority of Africa, Cuba in a hot second. Vasts parts of the post-Soviet states.

And closer to home, the First People of America, whose culture, language and country have been decimated by the dominant culture.

And we haven't even started on the topic of preserving the thousands (millions?) of animals and plants that become extinct each year. Wouldn't you just love to have a master catalog of the efficacious properties of all the plants we can get our little mitts on? I'd spend hours reading that.
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This thread took a save the world theme. Interesting reading for sure.

I have heard that people will do with large sums of money the same that they do with small sums... percentage wise.

If a person is not a giver now they won't be any more so when they have a pile of money to play with either.

I'd like to find out.

Anyone have $42M they'd like to toss my way?
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