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Who's calling you on Telephone Tuesday?1220

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Add to the list of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.... Telephone Tuesday.

Apparently the day after Labor Day is the 2nd most popular day of the year to make telephone calls.

1st business day after July 4th holiday is number one.

who would have thought? Who would have thought somebody actually knows this?

There are 4 days left without tags. What should we call them?

How about Social Sunday? More ppl engage in and catch up on their social networking on Sunday. But there needs to be that one day of the year. Hmm

Thankful Thursday. Thanksgiving has a lock on that.

Fashion Sunday has to be Easter Sunday. It's one of 2 days a year that ppl might make an appearance and a fashion statement too.

What's the most popular Wednesday of the year?
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Throwback Thursday - have seen this around for a bit
Marketing Monday - something we do with our company

Haven't used anything else so far
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