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How much MOJO does a person need?1219

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There simply is no end to the number of places you can put name or brand in.

exposure....engagement...connecting with your audience...

Just how much MOJO does one person need before they say I'm your person, before they (your crowd) says that you are the one?

A person can be forever chasing brand recognition or online credibility and still never get hired.

How do we decide enough MOJO is enough?

It's time to start closing some deals?
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It is far too easy to try and be everywhere with your name and brand but...

Isn't it all about where your target market hangs out. Even more, isn't it where most of them hang out most of the time. Keep yourself top of mind in these few places.

Building a strategy that offers a few strong tactics is likely the best way to go.

And, yes, it is time to get some client engagement for sure.
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