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What's programmatic media buying, marketing?1193

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So many people don't even know what content marketing is still?

You market what? Your content does what? Huh? Can you pass the ketchup, please?

A buzzword now is - programmatic marketing or programmatic buying.

Programmatic buying is automating the process of getting your product in front of the people who most want it.

It's also called machine-based buying.

Programmatic marketing is cookies on steroids. It's cookies with access to deep archives of data and the ability of your ad provider to crunch those numbers more quickly.

It's the reason you keep seeing the same kinds of ads wherever you go online after you have just visited a site or did a search on something you might buy.

So, what's programmatic got to do with content marketing?

The content you publish is the heart and soul of the deep data.

If your content is no good in your industry, you become irrelevant to the discussion at large.

If you have lousy content, you'll never be relevant to would-be ad placement buyers. You'll be hard-pressed to make money on traffic alone.

Start with good content.
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Content isn't only King; it's EVERYTHING!
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