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I never knew Gmail could do this.

I still won't believe it can until it does.

Since putting my head down and apply @bdaoust's strategy to create and engage with more LinkedIn connections I have been inundated with connection requests.

Okay, okay. Inundated may be a bit strong. Deluged? Too strong. Increasingly 'pestered' by seems about right.

Hi Bill,

I'd like to connect with you on LinkedIn.


That's good. A new connection.

That's bad. Ding. Go to email. Mark read.

It turns out that Gmail will allow you to create canned responses.

Who'd a thunk? But they do.

I can also create a filter that tells Gmail each time I get an email from LinkedIn's automatic somebody-wants-to-connect-with-you email outter, I can send an automatic reply back to them.

Wait! There's more. Gmail will send it back. I don't have to do anything. How cool is that.

We were going to LI to approve the connection, then wait, wait, wait for LI to churn. Then backspace to be able to send a message. Then drop a message in and hit send. Very tedious. Very slow, too!

Now it's automatic!! Woot woot!

The only thing we have to do is go to LinkedIn from time to time to approve the connection.

Oh, and did you know you could reply to LinkedIn member requests from Gmail without clicking through to LI's interface.

Happy camper I am!

If someone comes on here and tells me, "Gee, Bill I have been doing that for 6 years." I'll come back with, "Well, why didn't you tell me sooner?!" 8-)

Go! Automate! Be happy!
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The email is going out automatically but I can't tell if the person is actually receiving it or if it is going to a bounced LinkedIn account.

hmm.... puzzled.
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Good question
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It works. If it didn't work I'd be getting bounced emails. I'm not.

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