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Guest blogging has fallen in and out and in and out of love with the blogging community, with SEOs, with people who know how to do it and those who don't know how. And with people who wonder if they should even try guest blogging in the first place ... or allow people to guest blog at their site.

I think guest blogging is a good idea. Especially when it makes sense to the host site and the guest.

Makes sense = brings value to the readers at the host site. Other ancillary benefits are just that. Serve the readers at the host site first. No ulterior motives.

I became a BIG fan of the CodeInWP folks for their transparency reports on how they grew their blog from 0=60,000 unique visitors/month in 2 years. <= Great stuff and well worth the read.

In the spirit of transparency, I thought I'd be transparent here in this content marketing community about how it came to be that I would guest blog at CodeInWp.

My topic is:

Transparency of Growing an Online Community around a WordPress Site!

Whew! That's a lot of transparencies ...

.... Keep Reading or go get something to drink ....

I reached out to the CodeInWp people on July 2. I can share my actual letter in another thread. (This thread is already getting too long.)

Just today, Aug 17th, we agreed on a tentative outline for 3-part series. That's 46 days! And 27 email exchanges later than when I first reached out!

The title of the series is:

Can Building a Community Around Your WordPress Site Improve SEO?

The tentative outline:

Part 1 - Understanding How a Community Built Around Your WordPress Site Can Improve SEO

Part 2 - Step by Step to Building a Community Around Your WordPresss Site to Improve SEO

Part 3 - Examining the Results of Building a Community Around Your WordPress Site to Improve SEO

This community for content marketing is going to be the topic (please, please behave yourselves!).

More to the point, I am going to show or not show how what goes on here attracts/doesn't attract organic growth here and at my WordPress site.

I encourage you to:

1. bookmark this thread
2. watch for it in your email box alerts
3. pass it around to others and ask them watch as well.

Do you want better organic results?
Will a community built around your topic on your site make that happen?
That's what this series is about.
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Guest blogging sounds like a great idea and I have added my two cents here and there over the years. I like writing for other blogs, besides my own as it may or may not give me extra exposure.

I am more of a fan of blog commenting and doing it right. This means I read the article, make a comment and add something thought provoking to it.

Nothing happens without action in either case. I find most people are not willing to add the extra work for guest blogging or commenting.
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You gotta wonder if the effort make it worth the effort...
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We shall see what we shall see.
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@belew I'm waiting.
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