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How Much Will You Pay w/o Thinking?1146

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How much will you pay without thinking for a monthly subscription?

Of course, the answer, "I won't pay any monthly fee without thinking."


The new model seems to be to get users to subscribe to a service on a monthly basis. A monthly basis as opposed to a one-time payment up front.

By principle, I am opposed to paying a monthly fee. But I do.
I pay for hosting. I pay for my domain name (annually). GoDaddy has over 50,000,000 domain names sold for which they collect $10/yr = $500M guaranteed income EACH year.

How much will you pay for an ongoing monthly subscription to XYZ service/app/widget without giving it deep thought?

$10? $20? $30?
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Member lunar_ranger private msg quote post Address this user
$10... my wife is very shrewd with money and notices everything.
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Dude... I am right there with you!

If I subscribe to smth for $10/month or kind of slips under her radar detector.

$!9/month... I get a text, phone call or a meeting at the breakfast table and asked to explain myself.
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Member Newzmonkeys private msg quote post Address this user
Price bands are not important, what is, is what the offer is. To be secure in knowing Godaddy is looking after my interests for example is what means a lot to me. So what I'm getting for my money and if it's suits my purpose and enables me to take steps forward and I trust the provider/supplier is what is more important than the cost. The cost should always be justified my the benefit that it gives. My mother used to say "always go for coffee in the best hotel, where thy give the real cloth napkins and where you can sit for as long as you want" rather than go to the greasy Joe!
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Member tienny private msg quote post Address this user
@Newzmonkeys I can understand. It's good to balance both cost and service quality.
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