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How to Decide the Best Twitter Header1140

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There's probably a science to deciding what the best Twitter header is.

My suspicion is that if there were a best kind of Twitter header, everybody would be using that style.

All Twitter headers all different = there is no best.

So, I get to play around.

The top is before, the bottom is after.

Read below the image to learn what is going on inside my head...

I was brainstorming with my assistant today. Which means I was rambling on and on and she was politely saying, "Yes, Mr. Bill. Yes, Mr. Bill." I really did give her a chance. Really.

I decided it would be 'fun' to change up the header from time to time. I liked the one I had. Even so, I thought, "If it's fixed, why not break it?"

I wondered if I could get people to visit my profile more than once. To do that I thought I might start creating variations, changing colors and such of the header. So much so, people would come just to see what is going on in the header.

Another thing I wondered ... could I get a better performance of visitors to my Twitter profile to click through to the forum here? In order to do that I started fiddling with my 140-character bio.

I wonder what else I can fiddle with.

I wonder how I can see the results of my tests.

I wonder why I am fiddling around with Twitter in the first place.

I wonder why I listened to @Steve. 8-)...

What's the best Twitter header you have ever seen?
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I just learned this.

You can put an active hyperlink in the short bio at your Twitter header.

Not just in the link box, but in your description.

Still not sure how much difference it will make ... or how to A/B test this sort of thing...but I aim to find out.
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