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How Do You Handle Conflict with Others?1131

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Conflict is inevitable.

As long as there are @Steve 's in the world anyway. 8-)

Question ... do you create conflict or does it find you?

How do you handle conflict when it does arise?

What's your secret to getting along with people? On or off line?
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user
When I was in the third grade we learned about Earth's moon. I realized two things:

1) it's name is the same as Smokey the Bear's middle name, and

2) our teacher, who was teaching us that "because the same side of the moon always faces the earth, it does not revolve on its axis," was simply wrong.

When I made that second discovery known to her, I was told it was I, and not she, who was in error. I was, after all, just the student. And look, it's right here in the text book, the bit about the axis thing. See.

So, to prove my point, I resorted to a demonstration substituting two members of the student body for the celestial bodies of earth and moon. My live enactment revealed, as I had said, approximately one revolution of the moon on its axis per orbit of the earth!

I didn't say "approximately" then, of course. I didn't know anything about orbital progression or any of those other neat things astrophysicists mess with, but hey, the fact that I was right didn't prevent me from being sent to the office for being "argumentative".

I thought, even then, that an argument was, in part, what the scientific process was all about. Apparently, teachers don't need to be told that -- or anything else -- especially by an 8 year old. And principals still used corporal punishment in those days. ::sigh::

Not much has changed, really. With me or the school system. Corporal punishment is mostly gone, but they still get much of the rest of it wrong. And I still argue on behalf of what's right -- not with the education system so much anymore, but with individuals. That seems to result in a conflict or two. Probably not inevitable. Just me.

If it has to do with @Steve's, then this Steve was obviously named correctly.

These days I'm getting more mellow about it. Rather than extend an argument to get the win, I find myself adding my 2ยข, making the point and, if it isn't accepted, letting it sit.

People who hang with me, do. People that don't, don't. When I die, if I don't have six friends left, the funeral home will fill the vacant spots. I probably won't be overly concerned about it.

My secret to getting along with people (in spite of me) is appreciating them for what is right, or good, and not fretting about the rest.
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I pick my fights much less than I used to.

It's easier on me that way ... and on the other guys.
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Top Contributor Steve private msg quote post Address this user
Our society is built on conflict, we have different political parties and each argues its case and then eventually a vote will be called.

Making people think about things, conflict... etc... can lead to new ideas, new beginnings... and it often gives you a buzz to do things you might not otherwise do.
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General Patton, "If everyone in the room is thinking the same thing then somebody isn't thinking."

And Marxism is built on the principles of conflict, resolution and progress.
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It is good to find the truth to clear our assumptions. Here is an article I had written and my friend questioned me. She can't believe I write it due to my physical presence gives a different feelings
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