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7 Content Marketing Mistakes to Turn PPL Off1122

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I learned these 7 ways to turn people off with your content marketing efforts.

1. Low Quality - lousy content produces lousy results
2. Too sales-y - don't sell, tell. If the content is good, it'll sell itself.
3. Boring - inspire, educate, entertain, lead ... but don't bore.
4. Repetitive - Add something to the discussion. Don't just regurgitate.
5. Complex - Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. Einstein
6. Too long - see number 5. Give 200-word answers to 200-word questions. Don't go long for long's sake.
7. Not credible - Answer the question why I should care what you think. Start with these 199+ ideas to start with Content Marketing.
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@Belew and unedited - those grammar mistakes stick out like a sore thumb.
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@bdaoust I would rewrite this as: Pedestrians- Beware of Cautious Hunters
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