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@Rev DUH! Thanks
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I run several membership sites, and have built a few for clients, all using S2Member Framework (FREE), S3 for hosting video and larger files (CHEAP), and I create my own course pages right in WordPress.

There are some excellent LMS products available that are either free or cheap as well, and they do a great job. Have a look at:

Woo Sensei - I guess it depends on your definition of cheap, but it's a solid product. I purchased a license some time ago and would use it if I didn't find it easier/faster to code what I need myself.

Namaste LMS - if I was teach traditional college-style courses I would probably use this one. It's free and has become quite good. Again, I cook my own so I don't use it but I have played with it and it is definitely worth a look.
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There are a lot of ways to look at these things. My view tends to follow the path less traveled.

Through the years I've done a fair bit of work with eBay Power Sellers, or those who want to be. I've had them tell me that eBay is a great place to sell because it gets 60,000,000 visitors a day.

Yes. That's a fact. But then I ask them to put a hit counter on their listings and report the number to me when the sale is made. Most never exceed 40. FORTY, not forty million. So what has 60 million visitors a day got to do with eBay being a great place on which to sell?

It is the number of visitors to your listing that matters. And, it turns out, for eBay and Udemy both, the organic results from your own off-site marketing efforts will always exceed the native traffic from the internal masses.

It always comes back to YOU.
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Very interesting. Thanks for sharing your insight.
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A monkey can write a book, create content - video, course or otherwise. It will, no doubt, not be so good. Still anybody can create something.

It takes a genius to get the product in front of the right people, or the right people in front of the product (good content marketing.)

TED talks mastered the art of having people give them something while thinking they were getting something.

I have never met a person who did a TED talk who thought it was worth their time. The mojo is there. But you can't eat mojo.

There is time, expense, commitment and such to add to the TED library and at the end of the day you have, "I spoke for Ted. I wrote a book published by XYZ. I wrote an article on ABC ..." And so on.

The creator still has to do the marketing.

Seldom do you give a 3rd party something and as a result the crowds come flocking to you. Whereas the 3rd party recipient of all your hard work is quite happy for you contribution. "Thank you. Next?!"
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"Thank you. Next?!"

You gotta eat, of course, but is it about what we get or who we are? I have found that all the things I have given go to making me who I am. That result allows me to do a better job of helping. For that, I tend to eat alright.
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But isn't giving and sharing all part of the process. Most of these items are to show your "expertise" and although they do take a lot of time, they can give you the recognition just not the money!

It is like boasting about your rank at work, or the degree you hold - SO WHAT - if you can't give me what I want, I will not pay attention. In short, it is not about YOU it is about the Reader, the listener, and the person that may come back to you for business in the end.

Ahhh...what we do for attention.......
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