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How Do You Handle a Stupid Action?1100

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It's not the first time, nor the last time that I did something stupid.

Thankfully my stupid action today didn't affect anyone else.

I decided to take the train to San Francisco to attend the conference where I will be speaking.

I checked the time schedule before going to bed...set my alarm clock.

I was up at 6 am. Shower and breakfast and headed to the station to arrive 15 mins early and buy a ticket and just chill.

The platform was empty. Hmmm... I thought to myself something that has occurred to me many times, 2 things cause me a bit of alarm. When there are too many people in one place and when there is nobody where people should be. There was nobody on the platform but me.

I got out my phone to do some reading.

the time got closer and still nobody showed up.

I decided to check the time schedule. Sure enough the train I was planning to take was a Saturday only train. The next train was an hour later.

I had to decide. What do I do with this hour? Do I go home ...15 mins walk one way. Do I walk to a nearby coffee shop and pass the time? Or do I just tough it out on the chilly platform?

In the end I whipped out my phone and did some reading enduring the chill and the jazz music and smoke coming out of the backpack of the hippie next to me.

I wondered... why I didn't go somewhere warm or quiet? Is it laziness? Or is it a problem. I have always had. I hate to turn around. I hate to retrace my steps. I hate to admit I am stupid. So I push through. And endure. Make the most of a dumb decision. Is it a flaw or a strength to not look back?

How do you handle a bad decision?
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To pass the time?

I always have something on my phone to read.

But that's not really the point. My problem is not knowing when to turn around and when to keep going.

How do you decide it's time to cut your losses on a course of action?
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user
"If only -- two of the saddest words in the English language." -Bill Laing.
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For me it wasn't a case of "if only" but more of a "now that."
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Flying to a cruise ship, and here's what happened:

Airfare was best to Miami, although the cruise departs from Ft. Lauderdale. No problem -- I researched my options and -- bam! -- there's a train from the Miami airport straight to the Ft. Lauderdale airport, and from there I could catch the bus to the ship.

Perfect, or so I thought.

Landed in Miami, and hopped on the little free van that takes me to the train station. Driver reminded everyone that the train is on the weekend schedule, even though it's Friday. Next train is 90 minutes from now.

Sitting at a train station for nearly two hours? Heck, no! I jumped off (in the middle of the street, with luggage!) and grabbed an Uber.

Couple hours later, was snug as a bug on the Lido Deck, cocktail in hand.

Train ride was about $5; uber was about $45. Most of the time, I'm happy to vote for the low-cost solution, but not this time. Instead of "time value of money," this was "money value of my experience." That first cocktail was worth the extra $40, because of the location, service, and quality of my experience.

If you're financially-inclined: The NPV of the cocktail was massively positive.
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I would tough it out for an hour just in case something weird happened and I didn't get back to the station at all.
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pretty much my sentiments. And being too lazy to walk for 30 mins to kill an hour.
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I love walking. Me too @belew. I always have some thing to read in my phone.
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