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You Never Really Know Who is in the Room...1093

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Serendipity. Life takes the most unexpected turns at the least anticipated times.

You never really know who is in the room, do you? Or standing on the corner.

I was leaning against a tree one day while my older son took his driving test. Standing nearby was a Chinese guy who was just being fidgety. 10 days later I was with him in Beijing on a whirlwind trip. Who'd a thought?

This coming Monday I am speaking at the World Education Conference in San Francisco.

I was minding my own business when I saw a pop up from Disney Meetings. It got me to wondering, who else is going to be there?

There's a very long list of event planners and supporters of events.

Proctor and Gamble.
Arizona Dental Association
Santa Clara Convention
Hitachi ( I can do my presentation in Japanese!)
Toronto Tourism ...

And many more.

I wonder who is going to be in my room.

I have put a lot of pressure on myself to prepare for this one speaking gig.

I want to say I give all groups the same amount of energy and time in preparation. It's not so.

This one gig ... much more brain power.

Question: How does knowing who is in the room affect your preparation? Or not change your preparation?
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Personally, I would view a known audience as a more relatable one but would also feel that there would be a greater level of scrutiny as well- especially if I have never presented in front of them before.
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Should your preparation always be geared to those that attend? I know I certainly change what I say to a group of authors looking for ways to market their books over a group of small business owners (some of whom may also be authors). The truth is, not all audiences are wanting to hear the same message, they want it to be tailored to their own needs. After all, it is not about you and your expertise, it really is only all about what you can do to solve their problems and make their lives easier.
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I will always tailor my talks.

When I spoke in Shanghai earlier this year I did research on the corporations that were in attendance, for example.

I try to get a working list of who will be in attendance so I can prepare specifically for the attendees.

I don't have a list this time ... and barely have the demographic...just the common denominator reason for everyone to be at the conference.

Still...I will personalize it as much as possible. I plan to pull of something I have never seen done before. (Maybe it's because I don't get out enough.)

I plan to mix a 20-minute TED style talk and AMA (Ask Me Anything) 20 minute session to my 45-minute presentation and wrap it up with a 5-minute "I didn't see that coming WOW factor closing."
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