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So, as a content marketer ... you don't want to fight for micro moments at UBER in China.

And ... as a content marketer the Chinese tourist doesn't strike your fancy. That's a huge market and they are in a money spending mood.

How about the Chinese overseas student? 694,400 Chinese studied abroad in 2012.

2nd biggest group was from India with less than 1/3rd of that number.

It used to be that you had to throw something 'out there' and see what stuck. Not any more.

Now there are niches that are large enough for anyone to own and thrive in.

If not China...then pick another country.

Find your niche. It's there.
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A client of mine has a business in Vancouver, Canada, teaching English as a second language. Most of her students are Chinese; many taking multi-engine pilot training.

While most already speak English that is technically (vocabulary, grammar, sentence construction) quite good, their pronunciation, enunciation, phrasing, and intonation are typically bad enough to make conversation with your average Canadian or American business man somewhere in the range of difficult to impossible.

The student pilots need to understand, and to be understood by, air traffic controllers over a medium not known for clarity.

And that's where she makes her money; not teaching English, but "speaking".
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I know the issues they face. I taught EL in Asia, mostly Japan, buy not exclusively.

My last trip to Shanghai.... I taught content marketing... but my students were low level English speakers. I adjusted my vocabulary and used the whiteboard a lot .... the beat slowed and their homework was lacking but I got the job done.

I have had experience teaching business in English to students who were using English as a second language.

They weren't stupid by any means. The language was the challenge and I was totally up for it.
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