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I realized the problem I go through. When wordpress is introduced, I just jump into it and tweak around. I treat it as a website. Then I use it for portfolio. When it comes to CSS, I understand where to edit the colour and designs due to I have a programming background. Then I found the feature of wordpress to blast to Twitter, tumblr, google+, LinkedIn and path. I just jump into it without any knowledge. Unexpectedly, I earn followers from there. When people connects with me, I reply. I enjoy the connections. Along the way, I begin to learn the knowledge and to realize it is social networking. Now, I feel overwhelmed due to
1. The need to follow and connect with others too
2. Many to do list

Guess what? Lack of sleep. I get burnt out. The doctor diagnosed me with anxiety disorder and depression. My main focus is divided. Thus causing my low productivity level.

I thank God to clear my focus. When I go to an animation talk, it is so clear that I want to produce an animation and children's content.

In the afternoon, I google search the job description of a creative and animation director. Oh no! My confusion is cleared. I have taken up too many different jobs.

I just read @Steve's article how to hire social media experts. It's like a hammer hits my head for being too curious and engrossed to make the connections work.

Now, I am stuck in the social media and technical aspect.

May I know the minimum cost of hiring social media expert? Because of my financial constraint and to get back my productivity.
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What do you want this Social Media expert to do?

What are the goals?

If you pay a little you get a little.

Pay a lot get a lot.

First lets discuss goals.

You can do it here... or we can do it be inmail.
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Please let me think how to say it.
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