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How to Do Facebook Ads Right - Discussion1061

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As asked I want to give a quick overview of what I am currently doing with FB Ads and how it is working for me. Please note that I am not a Worldwide Expert on the subject ... yet .. but I will share what has been successful in my campaigns. All questions are welcome.

To start off with we have to understand what frame of mind a average Facebook browser is in when they engage on the platform. They are busy scrolling their news-feed, don't have much do do and ARE NOT searching for anything. They just want to see what other people are doing, they usually scroll quickly and then stop at pictures or BOLD words that grab their attention. Then within a few seconds they decide whether they will be clicking the picture or link.

This is what makes FB so much different from Google. On FB people are not searching, they are just scrolling, so you have to grab their attention with graphics or BOLD wording to stop the scrolling so that they read the post for a few seconds.

It's amazing how well FB hides the "sponsored" part in the Ads. When I tell people what I do they always ask me "What ads on Facebook?" and I have to show them. The reality is most people do not even know that they are clicking on an ad, they just mindlessly stop and click if they are interested.

The other fact to keep in mind (good and bad) is that there are over 1.6 billion (yes with a B) ACTIVE users on Facebook daily.

On the good side - If you have a specific audience, chances are they are on FB.
On the bad side - If you do not target your audience properly in FB ads you can waste a lot of money.

The FB Ads platform has an incredible research tool called "Audience Insights" that can be used to research your target market by Country, Interests, demographics etc (there is A LOT of information that can be used). I use this tool extensively when I research for an audience. I made a Youtube video about this before, you can view it if you want to see some basics


Overall I use a 9 step process when doing FB Ads. It was taught to me by Keith Krance (Dominate Web Media).

Sometimes I use all 9 steps and sometimes I skip a few, but the most important part of the process is re-targeting the audiences that you build up in FB. Warming people up with clicks to your website and then re-targeting them with a different ad to an offer is incredibly powerful.

9 Step Process
1) Market Research (Audience Insights, Google, Amazon etc)
2) FB Like Campaigns (build Page audience and see what interests work)
3) Create a Lead Magnet
4) Create a proper Thank You Page (I find one sharing the lead magnet page works well)
5) Consistent posting on your FB Page
6) Create and load Website Custom Audience and Conversion Pixels
7) Boost Posts to your Target Audience created in Nr 1
8) Send traffic with Ads to your Blog Posts (good quality engaging content)
9) Re-target your visitor with new ads

Just a note of something that I have found. FB ads do not convert well when sent directly to a paid offer.

Its great for building leads (by giving away something for free) and if you have a strong follow up you will convert the visitor into a client down the line.

Another point to note is FB Video ads. It is extremely hot right now. FB want to give YouTube a go and is gives more traffic to video. They will also build an Custom Audience for of the people that viewed. This can then be used for re-targeting.

This was quite a post and is still only a very brief summary on the subject. Let me know what more info you would like to know about and I will answer as best I can
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Member tienny private msg quote post Address this user
How do you create a lead magnet?
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Member nicosuccess private msg quote post Address this user
I create my lead magnet opt in pages on Instapage. You can also us Leadpages and then there are some WP plugins that can be used.

This is then linked to my Aweber account (other services are Mailchimp, Ontraport and many more).

People will then click on the FB ad that offers something for free, they will land on the Lead Magnet opt in page, enter their detail and I will have it for a follow up sequence.

The actual lead magnet will depend on your area of expertise. In you case you might have a quick free course in animation for children. It could be a .pdf of a few pages. Some valuable content that builds authority for you on your subject.
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Member tienny private msg quote post Address this user
Wow. That's a great suggestion. Besides children's content, is it a good idea to giveaway how DIY in an ebook?
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user
For most people/businesses, the key to success online is a foundational website. Trying to build your business, foundationally, from Twitter or facebook is fraught with issues. But using social media, whether through posts or ads, to bring traffic to your website tends to be a better strategy.

All of these things, Lead Pages, Aweber, facebook, LinkedIn, and so many more, are support items used to enhance the function of your website and your social/business reach.

When you place content on facebook, it is no longer yours. You lose control. But when you bring traffic from facebook to that same content on your website, you retain ownership and control. Don't try to sell your end game on social media. Use social media to bring traffic to your website, engage them, interest them, provide value, and then provide access to your product(s) and/or service(s).
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

This is an excellent summary of your strategy. Very much appreciated.

How do you measure the ROI of your efforts? Is the end game leads? Traffic to your home site?

It seems to me to be a tough road when the hope is to catch somebody doing something 'mindlessly' and try to engage them.

I wonder, without betraying any of your clients, do you have a case study or two that you can share.

Client came with this desire.
We started by doing this.
Then this happened.
In the end, the client saw this happen.
We all went out to celebrate.
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Member nicosuccess private msg quote post Address this user
I find any quality content as a giveaway can result in a lead captured for future follow up.

Agreed. I do have a slight issue with Facebook's grab on the market, especially when you start posting. They are quite clever as well and know people will want to use the platform to re-direct traffic. So what do they do .. make the cost per click so much higher if you direct traffic away.

For example - If you send traffic to a Youtube channel, expect to pay about $1.50 per click. (this various and could be much higher depending on the industry you target). When you post your video on Facebook, you can get as low as 2 cents per view. There are some other stats like "how long are they watching for" etc, but this give a rough idea of how clever Facebook is.

The want to keep traffic on their platform and will give you a small incentive for doing so when advertising.

I always ask my clients what they want to achieve before we start the ad campaign. It could be Leads, Likes, Views etc and that is what we base the campaign on.

We load pixels where needed and then track the cost per "action" that was chosen for the campaign.

Most clients will have an idea of what the value per lead is and will let me know what cost per lead to get down to.

When you link this is with fancy online services like Ontraport you can actually track a "lifetime" (for lack of a better word) value of your lead down the line.

I will put some info together and see what I can share that would add some good value to the discussion.

For now I want to emphasize - for me building leads and creating traffic is the most successful strategy on FB. Traffic straight to a sales page (especially with high value products) is extremely difficult, but can be achieved with re-targeting.

A lot of people think they can spend $10 per day to sell a $10 000 product in FB .. that not going to happen
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user

Exactly. So you create a short video introduction. Post it on facebook and link your ad to it. That video refers to your website or your longer video on You Tube, etc.

Always play by the rules. Just understand them and know where their edges actually are.
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

So, it's about lead getting and follow up. Got it.

I look forward to more of what you can share!

"A lot of people think they can spend $10 per day to sell a $10,000 product in FB .. that not going to happen."

Here! Here!

People come to me with a $500/month budget and want to get enough organic traffic by NEXT month so they can start making $1000.

If I could spend $500 this month and make $1000 next month I'd do that forever. Who wouldn't?
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