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Is Crowdfunding a Legitimate Way to Start Up1060

Member tienny private msg quote post Address this user
Oh no! What have I done? I just attended an animation conversation. Actually I want to ask what is the best career path for me? Because I want a full time job. When the last question was allowed, I hastily put my hands up.

I am shocked my lecturer (the chair speaker) calls me by my name. "Yes, Tienny?"

I shared that I have a programming and animation background. Shockingly, I said that I have my business plan and almost completed. My concept script is almost completed. I need a team and intend to engage the animation students. Of course, I pay them. My content is meant to educate the preschoolers in an entertaining way.

They question me what I have been doing. I shared on certain projects I have completed - children's book, animation, web programming and design, illustration, designs, and app design and programming.

They enable me to clear my confused focus. I still want to produce animation. At the end of the events, I answer the "why" question from my ex-lecturer. Next, he told me that I need to learn to pitch it to the investors and the government.

For business plan, I have done the swot analysis, barriers of entry, vision, mission, marketing plan, financial plan, team workers, and project implementation.

Oh no! Oh no! HELP!

Before I attended this talk, I had a meeting with my ex-client who is currently helping a Singapore telco in (it is a Crowdfunding). He helped and suggested to me on the guidelines for Crowdfunding be benefits for those who help. I have read about Crowdfunding. Two days ago, my friend brought me to attend a leadership conference and listened to another Crowdfunding entrepreneur.

Now, I am shocked of what I have said. HELP! Is Crowdfunding and pitch to the government for support are part of the way? 😦

It's like my left brain is telling to get full time job. However, my right brain is saying just do the animation to create the opportunity. 😶
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Member nicosuccess private msg quote post Address this user
Maybe this horse has been beaten do death, but it is working for me lately.

If you get an opportunity (this could be advise, meeting someone, asked to do something new etc), just do it.

What will drive you more insane ... don nothing and never knowing what difference you could have made in the lives of children OR doing it and finding out

and yes this is a bit of NLP, I emphasized the second part for a reason!
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Member tienny private msg quote post Address this user
@nicosuccess Can you please simplify it?
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Member nicosuccess private msg quote post Address this user
I mainly wanted to emphasize that if I get an opportunity I take it. If it does not work, I will learn from it and try something else.

If you have an opportunity to change lives, I would say GO FOR IT
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

Do something. We know the result if we do nothing.

If you try and fail at least you tried. If you don't try it's an automatic fail.

I agree with @nicosuccess
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Member tienny private msg quote post Address this user
@nicosuccess @belew Thanks
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