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How do I improve my online reach w Facebook? jmolan 22 1 yearjmolan (478): Funny Bill (or maybe not) I'm not sure The original filling out of the ad said goals? Page visits, Likes, etc. You can see the two colored line, the short piece on the end is what FB got me, the...
How to stand out among millions with music Silviall5 7 2 yearsSusanDay (2023): @Silviall5 Ask away! We're here to help.
I'm Out of Money. Can you help? Belew 10 2 yearstienny (658): @rev Yeah. Found it through you. And also through @belew at AFCC2014 masterclass. Thanks @belew @rev and also to @rcayeras to have a better understanding. I learn a very expensive lesson.
Do Freemium Models Work? How can I know? jmolan Jump to first page51Jump to last page 2 yearsTParker (529): Being on a cruise is a great reason to be unplugged. (Even if you are working.) :)
good topics needed Natishafost 8 2 yearsSusanDay (2023): @Natishafost I agree with Steve. You could also look at powerful women in history, and my favorite - female authors who made their mark despite having to be mothers and housekeepers.
Inspire reinvention in struggling women Natishafost 16 2 yearsFrugalTravelsNepal (97): Yes, we have one night or as long as someone wants to stay. We all try to spoil our guests and it usually works to get them to stay longer.
Are you an instigator or motivator? wcolmen Jump to first page31Jump to last page 2 yearswcolmen (19): Great definition @TParker
Have you ever felt like hiding? kbarnes77 5 2 yearsBelew (11716): Have you ever felt like hiding?
New on the blog: velocityHUB frgau 13 2 yearsSusanDay (2023): @EmilyB Great to meet you too!
How do you know if you are being effective? Natishafost 13 2 yearsMagieL (22): Thanks so much to all of you by being here! And thanks also for your quick responds. I feel much better now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!... And I did take a look at my blog. Sure enough, I don't have it. Now I will work on it to get it done. Thanks so much Belew! So glad found you here.
Finished book. Now what? Natishafost 6 2 yearsKathrynLang (370): What kind of read through are you looking for? Beta readers can give you thoughts on how the manuscript feels to them. An editor usually only looks at format, grammar, and such.
Brands that help teachers make money Nonpareil99 3 2 yearsNonpareil99 (4): Dear Rev Wow, yours is stellar insight of above and beyond ...Your generosity shines. Thanks so much for your value driven sharing/ teaching. Sincerely, nicol
Writing dilemas Natishafost 5 2 yearsNatishafost (40): Yes I think it would be very difficult to combine the two, but I guess I will go through the post again and see if I can use some of the material in the appropriate areas, thank you for the feedback
What's cheap can't be .... Something? numoquest 3 2 yearsnumoquest (28): Might be a nice idea. Honored for the idea. Thank you :)
If you think you can't do it most reAd this! Gottogo17 3 2 yearsalexchan (136): #LivingADeterminedLife :)
Niche blogging skills for telemarketers Roz 5 2 yearsRev (5413): @Roz I had a look at your website and, I see you already have some good information posted. You are over the hump of getting the site itself in place. That's awesome, and the stumbling block that holds many people back. You've successfully turned it into a stepping stone leading your way forward. Your website does suffer from some significant issues that are limiting your exposure and/or keeping you from being found in search. These include...
199+ Ideas to Start with Content Marketing Belew Jump to first page44Jump to last page 2 yearsBelew (11716): @Rev Thank you for that!
How to Download Twitter Data skappal 6 3 yearsskappal (70): @SusanDay thanks a lot :)!!!
Disabled flyfishing neurosurgeon. ThomasPurtzer 12 3 yearsBelew (11716): @Rev Blogging is more like brain dumping.
Can someone Learn to draw? tammysoffices 25 3 yearsBelew (11716): @tammysoffices Enough of the right kind of practice broken down and repeated correctly and most things are doable to some level ... unless you are me ... and too cantankerous to even try.
Do bait and switch tactics work? rollerworld 11 3 yearsBelew (11716): @kahill The reason ppl spam is because it still works.
Free Video Training Available Rev 5 3 yearsRev (5413): @Belew This forum is about content marketing and, by inclusion, content itself. We have many groups of content producers here including, but certainly not limited to, authors, teachers/trainers, and bloggers, of all sorts. Content producers are most often content marketers as well, and we have those who market other people's content, too. Content is created for a variety of purposes and disseminated through numerous media. Sometimes it is...
Do We Have Any Adwords Experts Who Can Teach Belew 5 3 yearsjycmba (2653): @Belew - Ah, here's excerpts from what my friend Dyan says.. ".. We did apply for the grant in 2014. It's a deceptively simple application --- it is extremely competitive. Hundreds of thousands of applicants. I think the key is to be in a niche but very good at what you do. Pretty much the most important capability an org can show is that they can effectively measure the success / impact of their programs, and how they are doing...
How to Know Your Target Market Steve 12 3 yearsRev (5413): @Aradiaz Nice.
Life Coach for Trauma Sufferers Thrive2heal 4 3 yearsThrive2heal (13): I think my biggest challenge is setting up a platform to work with clients who don't live close by. I've been looking into life coaching hub but I'm not sure it's going to work.
How to reach the senior entrepreneur Seniorpreneur 19 3 yearsSeniorpreneur (226): @globalman22 Thanks for your honest comments given about my Seniorpreneur Project. This is probably the most difficult and frustrating project that I have ever taken on. I agree that there has been some reluctance on my part to keep moving forward. It's been a very frustrating journey so far. A case in point is my Blog: I stopped writing my blog in Jan./2015 after writing 36-Only monthly articles. In Canada...
Mixed-media fine artist and digital strategy Splatteredmedia 4 3 yearsRev (5413): @Splatteredmedia "Creatives" is a term some people seem uncomfortable using. I'm goad to see you embracing it so readily. Love your concepts. Do share more when you can.
BPM and Marketing on digital Era cristobaltoro 4 3 yearscristobaltoro (1): Business Process Management :)
What have you learned this week on BN? Belew 3 3 yearsBelew (11716): @bdaoust I am actively publishing ... but forgetting to put them here. No more forgetting.
What is an Entrepreneur to You? jycmba 18 3 yearsBelew (11716): @jycmba Up here being an employee is the exception.
If you seek admiration you'll lose readers SusanDay 2 3 yearsBelew (11716): It's never about us/me/the writer. It should always be about the reader.
Creating private groups on the forum Belew 8 3 yearstienny (658): May I know the timing? I would be interested to join if my schedule permits.
Science and Personality of Internet Trolls Belew 8 3 yearsDrAA (25): @belew Were those his highs and lows related to Internet Trolls or Stocks Market or cruise travelling? (do not suggest him to buy Japanese stocks! - that's I know for sure :D )
Welcome VIP 2015 Class - Introductions Here Belew Jump to first page38Jump to last page 3 yearsSusanDay (2023): That's very helpful. Thanks @Steve It's always useful to get additional ideas.
How Do You Decide Who You Can Coach jycmba 4 3 yearsBelew (11716): @jycmba Money speaks to commitment also. I once asked a student to write me a check for $1000. I told her I would give her a reasonable assignment and instructions on how to complete it. If she did what I told her I'd give her the money back She did and I did. Is the mentee willing to have skin in the came, demonstrate commitment in a tangible way? This is important. How do you decide?
Doing Online Marketing Business in China Belew 19 3 yearsBelew (11716): @morrnel There's always a way ...
Who Do You Know That Lives in Shanghai? Belew 2 4 yearstienny (658): I don't know. Hope you can meet someone from Shanghai.
How Do You Deal With Client Flip-Flops? Belew 3 4 yearsBelew (11716): @Steve That's the same conclusion I came to. Price went up.
Incoming Links NOT Needed for Page 1 Rank Belew 4 4 yearsMLHarris (88): It also depends on the topic, I've been listed as well
POLL: Strategy for 1,000 visitors per day? Lenderman33 4 4 yearsTonyyakovlev (58): @belew I believe it is not that easy. A lot of blogs/websites have 300 visitors per day, and they stay around the same for a long time. And they are not the same 300 each day, they are 80% new. This means that the retention rate is pretty low of course, which can be caused not only by low content quality but also a number of other factors. Thus you don't need just a good content, you need some kind of good content that compells your visitors...
VIDEO: Keyword Density & "Cannibalization" Lenderman33 2 4 yearsBelew (11716): I don't do keyword research. I do market research. Then I try to write for my audience NOT for a searchbot.
Is it okay to use I - the pronoun? SusanDay 10 4 yearsBelew (11716): @lunar_ranger If you aren't you, who's going to be you. Re; grandiose or self-involved. If you can do it, it's not bragging. It's when you make claims that you can't back up that you come across as self-serving. As Genie said to Aladdin, "Beeee, yourself." Somebody has to do it.
How Many Links on a Page is Too Many? Belew 6 4 yearsmorrnel (697): I was waiting in line and writing the last one on my iPhone and stuck the phone in my pocket when it was my turn at the window. It wasn't locked resulting in the crappy message. In Red October, when Ramius was defecting from the Soviet Union, he was communicating with Jack Ryan (Alec Baldwin), Ryan needed a simple message sent through the waves yet get the message across without letting anyone on either sub understand what he was really...
2-Day All-Day Influencer Academy Seminar Belew 9 4 yearsSteve (3649): Will be interesting to see how this works out... Sometimes living in Paradise has its draw backs... :)
Some Days Are Much Harder than Others Belew 6 4 yearsSusanDay (2023): I meant big ones!! Lol, The tiny township where I live is home to the largest gold nugget found in the world. It's called the Welcome Stranger. You know us Australians - we do everything BIG even when we talk small. I'm going to walk the dogs now before I get into any more trouble 😜
Off Topic - Wayne Dyer passing nicosuccess 5 4 yearsBelew (11716): Is it my imagination or do people generally struggle more with the why than they do the how. How to do things is not usually that hard. Doing them requires motivation, encouragement, accountability. It's these latter that most folk lack. Not the how. Or am I just imagining things?
5 Ways to Build LI Connection Base | Webinar Belew 18 4 yearsBelew (11716): Watch the replay of @bdaoust's excellent webinar on how to increase your LinkedIn number of connections and engagement with them!
What do you want to learn this year? Belew 2 4 yearstienny (658): I am learning to produce an animation. Now, I'm improving my animation script. Not easy.
2-Day FREE Live Event | Influencer Academy Belew Jump to first page47Jump to last page 4 yearsBelew (11716): It appears you need a very solid Internet connection for Periscope to work. I tried it while walking. ...fuzzy. I tried it while driving. ... worse.
How to Prepare for a LIVE Workshop shari323 13 4 yearsBelew (11716): @shari323 Sunil or I will be in touch to get you started. Thanks for coming out yesterday.
7 Content Marketing Mistakes to Turn PPL Off Belew 3 4 yearslunar_ranger (586): @bdaoust I would rewrite this as: Pedestrians- Beware of Cautious Hunters
Some Say They Want Feedback But Really Want Belew 23 4 yearsauthorbhalla (34): I know I have to learn a lot that's why I love feedback. I appreciate it in both types, Positive and Negative . Negative feedback makes me more passionate to improve.
WEBINAR: How to Focus Daily for Best Results Belew 1 4 yearsBelew (11716): This is part 5 in our series on becoming the new VIP (Very Influential Person). Get Measurable Marketing Results by Managing Distraction and Overwhelm - WEBINAR You're Going to Learn: 3 reasons why people who do marketing fail or get overwhelmed 5 steps to create concrete results and solid income by applying focus and clarity a 1 year plan to implement and see a difference in your business outcome Click => to reserve your seat...
Guess who's going to Africa for their 1st? Belew 4 4 yearsBelew (11716): @lunar_ranger Should I leave my CIA card on the desk at home?
Writer, editor, publisher, journalist ... Jamie 9 4 yearsBelew (11716): @Jamie, When is your next trip?
When is a Training Course Designed to Fail? Belew 10 4 yearstienny (658): @belew Good to do that. Or else I can't complete the course.
How Bold Are You? Don't Try This at Home. Belew 6 4 yearstienny (658): Even I need help in this.
Toxic Behaviors Poison Teams = Why I Work .. Belew 4 4 yearsBelew (11716): @Rev Same here.
What Teacher Had the Most Impact on You? Belew 3 4 yearsBelew (11716): @lunar_ranger And the results are evident in your writing now. Give her a call or write her a letter and let her know her time invested in you was sell spent.
When Friends / Workers Go Weird on You Belew 7 4 yearsmorrnel (697): What @dono2081 and @Tashagabrielle said... You have control over exactly one person in your life. Yourself. Ask questions, What did I do to cause this to happen? What is going on in that person's life to cause it to happen? Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Judith Viorst
Business Blogging Success - Infographic Belew 12 4 yearstienny (658): Thanks for these.
4 New Moments Every Marketer Should Know Belew 4 4 yearsHoda (46): @belew Aaahh merci beaucoup!
SURVEY - Which Would You Rather Have? Belew 27 4 yearsBelew (11716): @dmortaz where did you go? Check the Meetup announcements. It's in Los Altos tonight.
What Do Wish Someone Told You About Business jycmba 7 4 yearsBelew (11716): In reply to the title ... what do you wish someone had told you about business. I wish someone had told me their telephone number and that i could call them anytime I had a question or just wanted to think out loud. My first business was creating a language school in Japan in my 20s. there was no one around me to help me, advise me, give me feedback. My dad who had created his own business was $2/minute phone calls away...not an option. I...
Marketer's Guide to Thought Leadership Belew 6 4 yearsBelew (11716): @tienny I am referring this ebook created by LinkedIn mentioned in this thread.
Where to Start to Make/Sell Product Online? Belew 11 4 yearsBelew (11716): @dono2081 With info like this I know why we talked today!
Twitter Masterclass Coming Soon Steve Jump to first page41Jump to last page 4 yearskarenyank (55): You were just getting to the good stuff! Let me know if you do a replay.
Meetup - a Great Content Marketer's Platform Belew 7 4 yearsBelew (11716): @Steve Being really good at what you do helps, too. still for some reason ... and it may be just me ... i am not making the most of what I have to offer.
Get Marketing Results with Malarkey? rcayeras 11 4 yearsBelew (11716): "...came to me." That's inbound marketing at its best ... and clearly illustrated @Rev.
How to handle stepping outside expertise Belew 10 4 yearsBelew (11716): Speaking to this room full of elderly folk was great fun. They were cut ups, they interrupted me, they poked fun, they were not PC, they laughed out loud ... they wanted to stay around for me to do more ... but the champagne was calling. And I didn't have to compete with whatever they might have been looking at on their cell phones! I wish I had more engaged crowds like them.
Sharing Your Expertise on Quora jycmba 6 4 yearsjycmba (2653): @Belew - no prob, if blogging / content marketing is the steady progress towards online success, the social proof is the power boost that helps us get ahead. Your Friendly Neighborhood Catalyst :)
What Do You Want in a Google Hangout? jycmba 19 4 yearsjycmba (2653): @Steve - I guess I have this frustrating (well, for most people) ability to see things from different angles. It's my blessing and curse. When I said that we're going to hold off on continuing, that was a discussion of the general hangouts that seemed to have tapered off in interest. (maybe perception but until told otherwise - perception is "reality") That said, you've mentioned a few times about getting published. There's enough...
Summer Camp - High Schoolers and College Age Belew 1 4 yearsBelew (11716): There's a summer camp happening in Santa Clara for high school- and college-aged students. There's web programming app development marketing (by yours truly) design thinking, If you are local to the Bay Area or don't mind a weekly commute ... you can gauge interest tomorrow by meeting the instructors. Details at WemoConnect. <= click!
Video is a Great Opportunity for Marketers Belew 2 4 yearsRev (5413): Just 67%? The rest aren't trying! Oh, never mind. They're millennials. ;o)
WordPress Plugin to Create Courses on Site! Belew 19 4 yearstienny (658): @Steve What do you do well? Connecting with others? @Belew Do you normally outsource?