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Question about an abandoned blog vicky4227 6 1 yearRev (5413): @vicky4227 Please fill out your profile information so we can find you online. I would like to read your blog.
Categories, Tags and Description BKatt 17 1 yearRev (5413): While categories do play a role in SEO, especially if you set them to be part of the permalink, they are primarily for helping produce a favorable user experience (UX). From this perspective you generally want one category designated for each post. There will be some exceptions to this "rule" but only when a post clearly and distinctly speaks to 2 or more categories. In that case you might first consider breaking the post up into as...
Hope is shaken when your traffic drops KathrynLang 17 2 yearsKathrynLang (370): @Belew Thanks for asking. According to Google Analytics - no. But I'm getting engagement and Awstats shows an increase in feed reads unique visitors as well. My podcast has been climbing up every day also. So, I feel much better about what I'm doing and the results . . . it would still be nice to go viral (not to be viral though, that would be gross).
SEO Tools TParker 8 2 yearslunar_ranger (586): Once you understand that most analytics and some research data capture is sh!t its easy to ignore and filter a lot of the clutter. Just because you're seeing data points, and charts, doesn't mean that it's useful.
How to get organic visitors to my site ... KathrynLang 23 2 yearsJelenaBB (97): @KathrynLang thank you for this topic! It is something that I need to learn also. A lot of great answers here! Thank you.
FREE Live Stream Classroom Presentation Rev 1 2 yearsRev (5413): Today, and every Wednesday, at 3pm CT (4pm ET, 1pm PT) and 6am Thursday in Sydney. Feel free to join in and bring your questions. Connect by web link (best with microphone, speakers, and webcam) or smart phone: Link: Telephone: +1 408-638-0968 - Meeting ID: 673-163-244
Learning to optimize facebook: HELP!?!?! meshea01 9 2 yearsmeshea01 (16): Yes... Hubby isn't fond of it, lol, but I can read it at night while he sleeps so he tolerates it ;-) (He is over one of the largest, fastest paper machines in the world...)
Blogging, SEO & Social Media janicewald 13 2 yearsRev (5413): @janicewald Top of the page, just under the blue header, to the right. You should see your name there and a green button with the number of posts you have made. To the right of that is a little "down arrow". Mouse over it and a menu will appear. First item is Profile & Settings.
HTML coding and SEO proficiency CoolHandLuke 15 2 yearsLizG (55): This is a loaded question. Some aspects of coding can be very useful, depending on what industry you go into. Really it's having a wide range of skills that's most important. JSON is the structured data most often used to generate SERPs with lists, cards, flights, movie times, product prices or sales, anything like that. Having knowledge in that area could be a career of its own. You can check out MOZ's essential training guide for SEO's and...
How do you use AdWords? MartinTolovski 9 2 yearsBelew (11716): @gregoryamoshe Can you be more specific? Without naming names, of course.
Making the most of Commenting on YouTube andelalai 3 2 yearsandelalai (10): @Belew I am really thankful to you for your valuable thoughts.I follow these in my work.
Recent Thoughts On Copyright Rev 17 2 yearsBelew (11716): Sharing generously = building trust. If people take from you and don't pay, they weren't going to pay anyway. If ppl take from you and you earn their trust, they will in time pay you to do it for them or teach them how or some combination ... but then I may be wrong.
Does anyone care about Yoast readability? Sagekreyol 8 2 yearsBelew (11716): Yoast is useful for beginners. It's also double work. You end up repeating or rewriting = redundant. Follow a few basic rules and you need not use the plug in. I have never used it and don't plan to start.
http vs https slaqjaw 10 2 yearsDansCartoons (298): Chessie, You may find a web host that offers you free SSL certificate upon signing up with their hosting plan....keep that in mind. It's an incentive that many hosting companies use in order to attract new customers. It sounds unusual for a place to tell you that unless you switch to https a certain aspect of your site won't work.....never heard of that. I use a place called Bulwark Hosting and in fact, my cartoons online are hosted via the...
New Service business w/ specific target marckovacs 4 3 yearsRev (5413): @marckovacs @Lloyd and @SusanDay offer good advice. Along with blogging, you want your own domain name and self-hosted website. If you don't already have a site, get one up asap that is good enough to get started. You can work on the details over time but you can't go back in time to get started earlier when you discover earlier would have been good. So, get started now!
Venturing out into the blogosphere... chrisleffler 18 3 yearscalskinator (28): Just a side note - SEO isn't what most people think it is - and it seems like SEO has become synonymous with "making sure you cross your T's and dot your i's across all your pages." To optimize your site for search, you can skip everything anyone has ever taught over the internet in a $97 package and still dominate. I once dominated my niche for over a decade with more than a million hits a month with only 2 backlinks (angelfire...
Live Case Study: My First Blog Feldman 14 3 yearsBelew (11716): @Feldman I'd like to hear how you are coming along as well.
Best Tips Starting with WordPress rcayeras 28 3 yearsRev (5413): @rcayeras ...and Bill will magically make them disappear!
Simple Ways to Get LinkedIn Connections bdaoust Jump to first page64Jump to last page 3 yearsSteve (3649): @dmortaz you need to work out if his LinkedIn connections are your target audience otherwise you'll just annoy them... I have about 12K connections and not sure how many followers on LinkedIn (16K i think) ... but I wouldn't promote anyone else to them ... as I'd just lose connections and devalue myself to my audience ... Writing a post as suggested is a great idea...
Programming languages for digital marketers? Guru_genius 5 3 yearsGuru_genius (4): @Rev Thank you so much! You've been a huge help. I'm definitely bookmarking this page for reference and would go straight to learning the 4 core languages in the order you suggested and save Python for last (if necessary). Also, I've been blogging using blogspot for a while now and I've always felt the urge to learn to use WordPress as well but never did, I guess I needed a push such as this. I'll start learning it right away too....
Are Forums Worth the Effort - 3 part series Belew 2 3 yearsBelew (11716): Numbers don't lie unless you lie about them or twist what them to say what you want. This forum has been a labor of love for me ... but recently it has more than given back. What's your labor of love?
Any recommends for intranet searchability? rcayeras 5 3 yearsrcayeras (439): @Rev Sorry for my late response - I ended up out of town with truly unreliable internet access. Thanks for the input. The in-house request has expanded to wanting to use DITA (which requires CMS) - which is severe overkill for single sourcing content and anything else. I don't think they have any idea what single sourcing is.
5 SEO Tips to Improve Magento Store Ranking TMOGroup 3 3 yearsLizG (55): If you are new to eCommerce and not rich, you should not be using Magento. Even a sub-par developer will charge you 7k+ for a Magento site. Then you have to learn how the back end of the CMS works, lol - which is complicated to say the least. Say goodbye to the wysiwyg editor and hello to static blocks. The biggest SEO tip for improving Magento site ranking is site speed. You can't be indexed if the bot can't crawl your site. Server response...
what are the most popular requests in google Tonyyakovlev 12 4 yearsBelew (11716): What if Robin Williams wanted to download a free vacuum cleaner? Okay. I am kidding. I have never used a keyword tool. But perhaps a Google adwords account is a good place to start. You will learn the most popular terms and what it costs to buy them...just don't buy. might do what you want. Perhaps someone else here has done what you are doing. I wish I were more help.
Where can I find SEO/SEM help? jlr5385 15 4 yearsLizG (55): You never said what type of Adwords your client is buying. 7 dollars a day is literally nothing, and it's probably not set up correctly - thus not leading to conversions. I would do three things just with Google alone: 1) Display advertising with targeted placements and demographics by age/gender. One campaign for each of the product groups, so one for breast pumps, one for diabetic shoes, and one for braces. Each campaign has 3 - 6 image...
How much traffic *should* your site receive? Lenderman33 9 4 yearsBelew (11716): @Rev Change something - Do more. Do better. Choose a different target. Check your price. Lotsa things that can be done differently.
Incoming Links NOT Needed for Page 1 Rank Belew 4 4 yearsMLHarris (88): It also depends on the topic, I've been listed as well
VIDEO: Keyword Density & "Cannibalization" Lenderman33 2 4 yearsBelew (11716): I don't do keyword research. I do market research. Then I try to write for my audience NOT for a searchbot.
Top Expert Shares List of 10 Best SEO Sites Belew 11 4 yearsLenderman33 (250): Yes - That makes sense. You always seem quick to reply! Thank you!
What's your opinion on low-text pages? KitK 9 4 yearsBelew (11716): @SteveDolan Seth Godin doesn't need to worry about search. He has a very large crowd of subscribers waiting for his content. When you have a ready audience who is waiting to be notified every time you publish the rules are different. Example - if you are appealing to search, your titles tend to be clunky, heavy, searchabel. if you want your waiting crowd to click thru and read, your titles tend to be clever and enticing. Does this make...
Almost Instant SEO positioning! slaqjaw Jump to first page55Jump to last page 4 yearsBelew (11716): @Steve @Rev And even when they don't talk openly...say in inmails and such.
Best Advertising Advice Please? notyourmomscloset 23 4 yearsMLHarris (88): Notyourmomscloset - what's your name? Yes, Bill, Rev, Steve have given you great advice..however, once you know who your audience is this will help you greatly. Create a VIP club for your buyers..I wrote about this on LinkedIn.. I have a service that you can list your business for free. An app that promotes don't pay until they...
Missing a Successful Social Media Habit? Belew 17 4 yearstienny (658): @Rev Thank you for your suggestions and advise :)
Question for those who publish on Linkedin dmortaz 14 4 yearsBelew (11716): @MLHarris LinkedIn is its own ecosystem. No worries abt republished content from your blog. I aim to ask abt this next week.
How Much Keyword Repetition is Best | Answer Belew 4 4 yearstienny (658): Good article
Redeeming Mobile Capability dzflower453 5 4 yearsdzflower453 (196): Hi everyone, Thank you very much. My boss was concerned that some of the pictures don't stack the same way on mobile as on the webpage. His website manager is working on it as well, but I will pass what the Rev said on to her.
Can Twitter Beat Google in Providing Traffic Belew 14 4 yearsSteve (3649): Simple answer: Yes Twitter can send more targeted traffic to your website than Google. Long answer ... it takes time to work Twitter... you need to follow the people that make up your target audience, you need to create a whole pile of content so that you can engage your audience with it via tweets. If you target audience is exposed to your tweets often enough they will check your content out. Also, being active and seen to be active on...
Footnotes in SEO traffic dzflower453 4 4 yearsBelew (11716): @dzflower453 It does help, if the link is a prestigious source. It helps more if the source thinks you are worth linking to.
Who else follows Joe Pulizzi? dono2081 4 4 yearsBelew (11716): @dono2081 Brian Clark is the only person in this list I have ever heard of. Let's see... who do I follow. Um ...thinking. Still thinking... Still thinking... Maybe you better come back later when I have something.
How to Do Keyword Research Correctly lunar_ranger 7 4 yearslunar_ranger (586): @jewellswriter Looking forward to doing it. What do you want to hear about?
What is content marketing Steve 4 4 yearsBelew (11716): @jycmba And you have a great group to copy from here!
An Engineer is No Match for a Rascal Belew 11 4 yearsmorrnel (697): You wascally wabbit!
Let's talk about 400+ posts and 6 months dono2081 18 4 yearsBelew (11716): @lunar_ranger We will announce it here... It doesn't have to be long or short. Just long enough to get the point across. or dmortaz 7 4 yearsdmortaz (145): Hi Rev, the company is saying they plan to host the actual domain on and claim it's "difficult" to set it up the WordPress blog under They are running another promotional campaign with another hosting company that has hijacked the DNS settings. I suspect that might have something to do with their decision to avoid setting up the blog under But I want to publish in the right location...
Sliders Bad for SEO dzflower453 10 4 yearsBelew (11716): Instead of thinking is XYZ bad for SEO, why not instead ask what is good for SEO and do that?
[STUDY] How often to blog for best results MichaelProcopio 14 4 yearsBelew (11716): @lunar_ranger Curious to know if you are satisfied with your strategy as well.
How to Move Content from pages 2-4 to 1st Belew 3 4 yearsfredhoot (127): Interesting,
Identify Web Template System dzflower453 4 4 yearstienny (658): Not just php, SQL and CSS plays a big part too.
Embedding Videos and Digital Content dzflower453 7 4 yearsBelew (11716): @Rev If I go to a website and I start hearing things ... I run.
RSS Feeds Give a Boost to SEO? dzflower453 5 4 yearsdzflower453 (196): Please elaborate.
Started new PC Article site have questions TJYanke 13 4 yearsSteve (3649): what @Rev said... Let me give you a little more ... if you have Google Analytic installed on your website, check your bounce rates regularly... your aim is to make this decrease over time. A High bounce rate indicates. 1. Your content isn't of interest to your audience. 2. The presentation of your content is turning people away. A high bounce rate could indicate one or both of the above ...
Bill's recommendation on Blog Post Titles dmortaz 2 4 yearsBelew (11716): @dmortaz Here you go... What do ___, ___ and ___ have in common? ________________________________________________ Can you pass this ___ Test? ______________________________________________________________ Top 10 Tips on ___ ___________________________________________________________________ Don't Buy the New ___ - Here's 5 Reasons Why _____________________________________________ How Oprah Does Her Laundry: Secrets Revealed ...
Sentence Construction Rule of Thumb dzflower453 5 4 yearsBelew (11716): What @Rev says about short sentences and giving priority to your readers.
Do brackets hinder SEO searches dzflower453 7 4 yearsBelew (11716): @Rev, I didn't know he was on sabbatical. I wish I had. He was buying a book on woodworking or something. He's a genuinely nice guy. No pretenses. It was a pleasant exchange and I wish we had had more time to talk.
Can Search Engines find keywords in graphics dzflower453 5 4 yearsRev (5413): ...but alt text IS indexed so use it wisely. Remember its actual purpose, however, and respect that too. For infographics a good idea is to transcribe the content into text on the page. Put it in a box with the title "Transcript" if you want to separate it for easy skimming/skipping by human readers.
Using Header <h> tags in articles DevinGalaudet 8 4 yearsDevinGalaudet (16): Thanks everyone. Really appreciate the insights. devin
The importance of long-tail search mcc 11 4 yearsmorrnel (697): How much content before a shallow isn't?