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Need your feedback about Film "On That Day" santonu 3 2 yearsRev (5413): My first production film, a project in film studies at school, was made with a hand-held Super-8 camera. You can figure how long ago that was. It was wonderful to see what can be done today. Great production values. Suitable, believable, acting. I'm not a big fan of Hindi music but I'm guessing the opening song played will among the people this was created for. Metaphors and imagery work in any language. Thematic elements are...
Need quick assistance TParker 5 2 yearsTParker (529): I am so glad that I am not in the job market. I'm stressed out and I'm not even the one going on the meet and greets!
Blogger Recognition Award! JelenaBB 16 2 yearsJelenaBB (97): @Belew I'm still not sure how I should use this Award. Does anyone have any ideas? @SusanDay I am on FB groups for bloggers regularly commented their posts and collaborate with them.
What Came First a Following or a Product? BuzzyMarketing 4 2 yearsRev (5413): @BuzzyMarketing If you are really "into" buzzy marketing then you should already know the 4 Ys Of Success. If not, Google it. It applies to what @Belew said above. The key is that you start posting now. You say the other part is going to be a long process so you have time (it takes time) to do the posting but it's all about beginning now.
How to make book Publishing profitable Happytweeting 27 2 yearstienny (658): @aspringteen42 I can resonate with you. Recently, I feel stuck with the product I believe in. Someone says not good enough. Another person says good work. Later on, I realize that there is some changes I need to work on. Recently, my friend highlighted the differences between tortoise and turtle. Now I feel so stuck in the product improvement myself. As if I am the omega illustrator.
Starting off with a new service Natishafost 3 2 yearsSusanDay (2023): @Natishafost Your website and blog can do anything you want them to. Go for it, and let us know how you go!
Do I Need a License to Promote Coaching? Natishafost 16 2 yearsSunilBhaskaran (283): Pay heed. What Bill says above is about as clear as you can make it or get it. People will typically pay for 1. an intriguing future 2. things that line up with their value or 3. both of the above.
good topics needed Natishafost 8 2 yearsSusanDay (2023): @Natishafost I agree with Steve. You could also look at powerful women in history, and my favorite - female authors who made their mark despite having to be mothers and housekeepers.
Giving it away jmolan 3 2 yearsjmolan (478): Oh my you are so right on the horizon, I am usually not that sloppy, thanks. I will fix that before sending out the offer. My fans are used to me bouncing between boats and eagles. I have a couple diverse groups of fans. Deadliest catch fishing people and eagle/nature. It can be fun. So far it looks like seven new email sign ups since the offer.
33 New Forum Members in the Last 1 hr Help! Belew 6 2 yearsTParker (529): Not that I don't enjoy the old ones. ; ) Girlscout song: Make new friends but keep the old...
Mommy blogger of homeschooled kids chelseav 24 2 yearsBelew (11716): @TParker How abt best mommy forums?
Snagging Qualified Leads/Referrals KathrynLang 25 2 yearsKathrynLang (370): "A" qualified lead is someone I know that can afford what I am offering and that would want what I am offering. "B" qualified lead is someone that could afford what I am offering and would want what I am offering. "C" qualified lead is someone who could afford what I am offering and MIGHT want what I am offering. The great thing about leads is there is always a chance they can lead to more leads. Which leads me...
How to write a review? tienny 8 2 yearsJelenaBB (97): This is something that I need start doing. Hope I will find right form.
How to Handle Your forum Email Alerts Belew 4 2 yearsKathrynLang (370): I think I turned all of mine off - but I check in here every few hours because y'all are awesome!
ARC copies of ROSA NO-NAME available RogerBruner 2 2 yearsRev (5413): @RogerBruner What format(s) do you have?
I do nothing more often than I do something Belew 5 2 yearsmorrnel (697): @Belew But are you happy?
How do feet give feedback to you? Belew 6 2 yearsBelew (11716): @SusanDay I think you are on to the right answer. If nobody shows up or signs up, the compelling reason to attend is not there.
Gottogo history. Can you guys help me out Gottogo17 6 2 yearsFreedomSeekers (4): @Gottogo17 If I may; your company vision is helping others by giving back something they need... Like transportation. Your services will provide rides to people on off hours when there's no bus service to and from work. The name of your company is quite unusual, and highly affected if you marketing it in the right Metro areas. So my question to you is how are you planning on branding your vision. What things do you have in place to...
Recommendations for a call list manager... lunar_ranger 3 2 yearslunar_ranger (586): Nope looking for a piece of software.
Friday Pitch Fest for Forum Teachers Belew 9 2 yearsBelew (11716): Being a Forum student is beneficial to your growth! Authors and authorpreneurs will receive some amazing support tools. 1) All students in the classroom receive access to Writing and Publishing Tips and Tricks Facebook page! Get tips and articles on how author platform building is really done! Sign up here! 2) If you are launching or relaunching your book, having a strong message and a niche audience is essential. Students will receive my...
Fixing error in Wordpress Sydney Theme Sagekreyol 17 2 yearsRev (5413): @Sagekreyol Since it's a URL your RSS feed can be displayed just like any other link... text with a bit of HTML: WizardsPlace RSS Feed
Expert in Rails ... not the Ruby kind shedmaster 18 2 yearsBelew (11716): @shedmaster It seems that every news report is now an editorial of some sort.
We speak the same language yet I don't under Belew 19 3 yearsTPC (49): Belew Thanks I like it a lot too. Really tells it like it is. And a perfect example of your point- Quite easily understood and if you're doing it you really don't like what it means and would rather 'not understand.'
What would you like to write a book about? Belew Jump to first page39Jump to last page 3 yearstienny (658): @jycmba It does makes sense.
Ad Copy Feedback noMotif 2 3 yearsBelew (11716): @noMotif We need to see the ad to give feedback. Got a screen shot?
Do you undercoach or overcoach? Belew 7 3 yearsBelew (11716): Following on my previous thread.... "'I won’t even promise you’ll make the team,' Wooden told Walton. 'First, you’ll have to prove you are a fine young man with good personal values. Then you’ll have to demonstrate you can do well in the classroom. If you can do that, we’ll give you a practice jersey and allow you to try out.'” How many coaches promise the world before the student proves themselves coachable?
Can I hire the people you hire and bypass u? Belew 15 3 yearsBelew (11716): @bdaoust People usually are telling me where to go.
When have you witnessed greatness? Belew 11 3 yearsBelew (11716): @Katie_Ellen I spent time in the US Navy and understand well the tools of navigation. I can deeply appreciate the magnitude of the navigation feat alone that Shackleton and his team accomplished! Add to that the motivation of and the care for his crew. The persistence ... and the follow thru! He went back as promised. Incredible all around.
I am really lousy at search or I am losing . Belew 4 3 yearsSteve (3649): Most contact us forms, emails, etc... are directed towards someone in sales.... these are still monitored, as much as they ever were in my opinion. There has definitely been a shift from including full contact details, address, telephone, etc... to just digital contact or in some cases digital backed up with a phone... Addresses add validity but aren't used as often as they used to be.
Best practices for online training program Steve 13 3 yearsSteve (3649): @Rev thanks... as to fiddling, as a child I often used to have the challenge of putting things back together after taking them apart to see how they worked. Funny how often you have parts lets over :)
1 article 4,735 words from top SEO dude Belew 11 3 yearsSusanDay (2023): @Belew Thank you!
Never build presence on another platform Belew 8 3 yearsBelew (11716): @tienny Yes, I have had the experience. Am in the middle of a yet unresolved experience.
Newbie question: How many topics per site weaverjs 9 3 yearsjycmba (2653): @weaverjs - bottom-line is write about what your ideal reader is interested in. It may be one big topic with many subtopics - it may be a few key topics.. Of course, the challenge is that who you thought was ideal audience may turn out to very different.. Here's a short video about this -
Sometimes I feel like writing, sometimes I . Belew 17 3 yearsDrAA (25): When I feel empty, no motivation, no ideas, no mood for writing - even I am not tied by necessity to write - I go outside. For nice drive, look at the nature, to be in silence. Or simply sleeping. Sometimes that's helps. That's the style of introvert :)
Participating in a Facebook Research Study Belew 5 3 yearstienny (658): I'm okay to participate in researches. Too bad I don't stay in U.S.
Blogging gizmo4me2 3 3 yearsRev (5413): @gizmo4me2 I found your site and had a look. It's too bad you didn't know about my website review class earlier today. We looked at several issues that would have been useful to you. Can you tell us the purpose, the theme, of your blog?
What core themes do you always come back to? Belew 4 3 yearsjycmba (2653): @Belew - that's a start.. ;) See what happened..?
Why do I feel guilty doing the easy way? Belew 3 3 yearsSusanDay (2023): Because... it's in the struggle to succeed that we truly grow and develop, and not in the success itself. ..... grasshoppers ....
How Can You Leverage Acomplishments? Steve 10 3 yearsRev (5413): @Steve Anywhere in that top ten list is an accomplishment. Where you are now is awesome and your prospects for growth are exciting. Leverage that accomplishment by sharing it in some way with prospect (as you have done here) and if they don't have a badge or logo of some kind you can you to show the result on your website, create one or hire @SusanDay to come up with something. Good on ya, mate!
Beware of Strangers in Coffee Shops and ... Belew 8 3 yearsRev (5413): @Belew iPhone and a selfie-stick! ;o)
Top 5 Content Marketing Influencers to Watch Jonnner 11 3 yearsJonnner (181): @Belew Perhaps in another 4 months or so ... .. . I find the 2 posts per day process is very useful in stimulating thought about how to choose topics to address ..... and how to think about the larger issue of understanding the overall value add of my blog. This became more obvious after the first 2 months.
Best Place Self-employed Work Away from Home Belew 5 3 yearsBelew (11716): @jycmba Starbucks are loud in our area. Indies are great ... but there are no free refills on the tea or coffee.
Have You Ever Fired a Friend? Belew 12 3 yearsBelew (11716): We talked. We are still friends. Whew!
Best Christmas Gifts for Content Marketers Belew 5 3 yearsKitK (160): BUT I WANT THIS MUG!
What Happened to Days Off? Belew 16 3 yearsBrotherBob (4): Sometimes you just have to stop or at least slow down. Years ago I quit the shop I was working in and opened my own shop at home. This was Mercedes Benz repair and I started working night and day with weekends thrown in too. Finally one Saturday I got up and after breakfast headed to the shop but never made it. I went in the bedroom for something and didn't feel well and just crashed on the bed. Late in the day I woke up. Wife and I decided...
34 Online Reputation Management Tools Belew 3 3 yearstienny (658): It's too many
Just Because It Looks Easy Doesn't Mean ... Belew 3 3 yearstienny (658): My experience is it takes time. Your this question really helps me to write a post in my blog at :)
When Someone Asks You To Work for Free Belew 2 3 yearstienny (658): Always. Now I begin to say no.
When is Bait & Switch Okay? Belew 2 3 yearsKitK (160): When you promise and don't deliver, it makes people upset. No exemptions. I have never been subjected to that and went away saying "well, I am glad that was bait and switch!".
When Core Confidence is Shaken. Then What? Belew 8 3 yearsBelew (11716): @Sesheida I haven't seen your name for some time. But did the memories come flowing back when I did! What fun to wake up in the morning and see your name in my email thread. And the very kind words to boot! Thank you for the real pick-me-up this morning to get me on my way. And the reference to Jesus. I am back in the saddle, on to the next project, wishing and wondering when I might be back in your area or you will be in mine. Monty was...
Why You Don't Build on another's Platform Belew 17 3 yearstienny (658): I'm learning to do it step by step.
Best Advice for Long Plane Rides Belew 14 4 yearsBelew (11716): @jycmba Dang it. Can't see it just yet. YouTube is not available here.
If You Only Have 500 Dollars.... KitK 10 4 yearsBelew (11716): @morrnel makes a great point. My wife has an incredible knack. She can always buy low and sell high.
How Do I Build My Personal Platform Online? mhamburg 14 4 yearsLenderman33 (250): LOL - You guys are great :P
Where to find feedback on a new blog labellecleo 9 4 yearsSteve (3649): YES... if someone lands on a page like yous they simply leave... your content never gets read... so no matter how good it is, it fails to engage... present it professionally with images and people will hang about and read it.
Why Depression Commonplace in Entrepreneurs? SusanDay 5 4 yearstienny (658): I don't know that I have depression until the doctor diagnose it.
What to Consider when Branding or Rebranding Belew 9 4 yearstienny (658): @Rev Thanks
Too Long Article Create Bad User Experience Belew 23 4 yearsdono2081 (187): Hubspot has done some research on this, which you can find on their blog at D
My 1st Email Marketing Try. Feedback? Belew 4 4 yearsBelew (11716): @Steve I will see if I can pull off once/week before trying twice/week.
Best Way to Handle Multiple WordPress Sites? Belew 5 4 yearstienny (658): I am struggling in this.
What Are Best Strategies for Coaching Calls? Belew 5 4 yearsBelew (11716): What's it called when I yell at them to work harder. Then they cry. Then I listen. Then I yell softly ... work harder.
How Many Ways Can You Procrastinate? Belew 18 4 yearslunar_ranger (586): @KitK We have a keg at my work... No it doesn't get crazy- but after 5pm things get interesting.
Easy to create a Fake business mcc 12 4 yearslunar_ranger (586): @Belew I worked for one of the largest review sites in the world- if there is a gray area, its been explored...
When did you last publish smth while angry? Belew 9 4 yearslunar_ranger (586): Quite possibly. Maybe we shape our physical world from the madness, longing, and desires in our hearts. The physical manifestation of our world may run parallel to how we conceive our own lives.
How to Create a Topic-Focused Curriculum Belew 6 4 yearstienny (658): @belew You makes me think whether I am overthinking.
How Often Do You Tell Lies? Belew 23 4 yearsRev (5413): And should you ever need to see the wizard, I'm here! All roads lead to Kansas. And WizardsPlace.
Best Idea for a Mobile App Ever Belew 13 4 yearsRev (5413): I think they probably kicked @Belew out of the auto-reject deal, too. And, nope, I don't do apps. Not my thing.
How long will you watch a video online? Belew 2 4 yearsmorrnel (697): I avoid streams whenever possible as it forces me to be at a certain place at a certain time. I like to see the video in about 30 minute units. I download play it a 1.2x to 1.25x as there is always plenty of dead space. That way I can watch a 30 minute video in 20-25 minutes. If you don't have my attention in the first 5 minutes I usually stop.
It's a tactic of the devil. If he can't ... Belew 27 4 yearstienny (658): @belew I am also doing a few things that is related to my animation. Improving myself. Now, seems that there is going to another person on board. It'll be good if she can ease my workload.
What's the hardest part about your job? Belew 26 4 yearstienny (658): @KitK I can resonate with you.
Who Do You Follow in Social Media? Rev 26 4 yearstienny (658): Now I often check in with my business partner.
I Could Use A Little Help From My Friends Rev 16 4 yearsSusanDay (2023): It was my first attempt in the murder mystery genre. I normally write for children. It was fun and I kept the plot together but it needed a darn good editing at the end. It never got it and it hasn't been published.
InfoLinks - Speak To Me Please... notyourmomscloset 21 4 yearsBelew (11716): @Sandy What @Steve says. Cutting and pasting your spiel earns you no love. my next step is to delete your propaganda. We want to learn why you are good not what you do. one last try for you.
When do infographics go into overload? Belew 17 4 yearsBelew (11716): Depending on the content of a site ... 10-15% of traffic to a site will/can/does come via a search for an image on that site. I tracked that for a long time when I was writing and chasing news.
Why I Don't Like Radio Interviews. Do you? Belew 11 4 yearslunar_ranger (586): If the station isn't rated its all a less educated hunch on reach vs frequency.
Selling on ClickBank bdaoust 8 4 yearsKris (1): Just the marketing text from clickbank, I have no experience with Anyone has experience ?
How do you know your website is ready? Belew 10 4 yearsRev (5413): @SteveDolan Nice.
Did You Know Twitter Could Do This? Belew 14 4 yearsSusanDay (2023): Thank you @Rev! I appreciate your support and followed you on Twitter
Promoted the forum to Internet marketers dono2081 3 4 yearsRev (5413): It is Tuesday. Now. the sun supposed to be on that side of the sky like that?
How to Decide the Best Twitter Header Belew 2 4 yearsBelew (11716): I just learned this. You can put an active hyperlink in the short bio at your Twitter header. Not just in the link box, but in your description. Still not sure how much difference it will make ... or how to A/B test this sort of thing...but I aim to find out.
How Much Will You Pay w/o Thinking? Belew 5 4 yearstienny (658): @Newzmonkeys I can understand. It's good to balance both cost and service quality.
2 Lousy Periscopes, 26 Hearts Belew 6 4 yearsBelew (11716): @nicosuccess Listen to your friend. S/he is right.
Best Practices for Editorial Calendars Belew 2 4 yearsbdaoust (949): I use to organize my tasks - kind of an editorial calendar. That way I can share "duties" with my virtual assistant, or partners on projects I also use Editorial Calendar as a plugin for my WordPress sites - but it is just for scheduling my posts for a particular site. Do I stick to it? not exactly but I do glance at them daily.
How Do You Handle Conflict with Others? Belew 7 4 yearstienny (658): It is good to find the truth to clear our assumptions. Here is an article I had written and my friend questioned me. She can't believe I write it due to my physical presence gives a different feelings ;)
When Are Blog Posts Too Long? Belew 6 4 yearstienny (658): A few seconds. Once I am warned it is about gory stuffs, I stop reading it.
Some Say They Want Feedback But Really Want Belew 23 4 yearsauthorbhalla (34): I know I have to learn a lot that's why I love feedback. I appreciate it in both types, Positive and Negative . Negative feedback makes me more passionate to improve.
10 Best/Worst Performing Words in Email Subj Belew 13 4 yearsBelew (11716): Meaningless....negative...unproductive...serves no purpose
Whatever happened to "Thank you!?" Belew 22 4 yearsInfoTemple (22): Really sad it hurt so much when you loss someone close to you. You learn to live without them but never forget them.
Traffic Advice | Medical Billing Website Belew Jump to first page42Jump to last page 4 yearstienny (658): @Rev Thank you.
Dedicated Content Writer/In-bounder Wanted lunar_ranger 17 4 yearsdmortaz (145): For me the alarm bells went up when I saw the string "Are you willing to subject yourself to multiple layers of nuanced review"! This is a huge drain of my creative process cause everyone could pull the content in a different direction. I have blogged for start-ups where the CEO felt he had an opinion on EVERYTHING related to the blog. From the PHOTO selection to the style of the theme and then the content itself. And when I asked...
Is what you say and what you do different? Belew Jump to first page45Jump to last page 4 yearsRev (5413): Somewhere along the line I picked up an Osborne "luggable". Don't know whatever happened to it.
How do you handle your nerves? Belew 5 4 yearslunar_ranger (586): @Belew How did it go?
Help a Newbie in content marketing start Collinskm 4 4 yearsBelew (11716): @Collinskm What is it you want to do online? With your website? How would you like to change the world? Seriously?
How to Make Soap Bar Holder tienny 23 4 yearstienny (658): @jycmba Thanks. What are steps to get there?
How Bold Are You? Don't Try This at Home. Belew 6 4 yearstienny (658): Even I need help in this.
How to Reverse Work Place Brain Drain? Belew 3 4 yearstienny (658): I need to exercise more, unplug from Internet and read more.
How much of a page should be original? morrnel 12 4 yearsmorrnel (697): @Rev, I am doing the prototypes manually, then generating the pages directly from the database to HTML. Generating the code for each page is the easy part. What goes into the county page will be generated text, like product pages as @Belew described. Stuffing the new pages into Wordpress will be the trick. Is there a plugin for that? All my raw data comes from data sourced from the Medicare site data.
Get Heard, Read or Watched? Pick one. Belew 8 4 yearsRev (5413): @Belew Then perhaps, "Rank these three in order of personal priority, state "why" and indicate level of competence for each." Then, instead of picking just one (which I cannot), this allows all three to be considered, while allowing that priority and competence may not rank in the same order. I use all three and would gladly take 100 people in any of those settings. I would embrace whichever one is available and leverage to...
7 Simple Edits to Make Writing More Powerful jycmba 7 4 yearstienny (658): @jycmba Thank you.
How Do Marketers Sell Sticker Shock? Belew 6 4 yearsBelew (11716): @MLHarris Use credit to buy a toy? For an 8-10 year old?! I reckon there are people who will do that. If that were the case the $520 toy just got 14% interest tacked on. It's a marketing challenge perhaps to convince would be buyers that it's worth buying now whether you can afford it or not. Do you think marketers are irresponsible when they try to get people to buy who can't?
Post Feedback: How to Improve Format and ... tienny 15 4 yearstienny (658): Glad that I re-implement HTML tags into my post. I'm trying for this post what will happen if I forgo the HTML tags and just copy paste from word doc? The result is indeed awful.
How to Create Good Titles for Your Blog Post tienny 3 4 yearstienny (658): Wow. Thanks @Belew It sounds better.
Twitter Users Don't Like to Engage? Belew 10 4 yearsActiveWits (13): @Steve - How long did it take for you to get your first 100 twitter followers? Also, it feels like a bunch of people have automated following tools. I thought Twitter banned those.
How Often Do You Check Your Smartphone? Belew 17 4 yearsdono2081 (187): Make 'em show you Dad! They'd love it. So will you when you get the hang of it. D
Survey: Purchase Children's Books tienny 4 4 yearstienny (658): @Belew @Rev Thank you for your time to do so. Now, the result is too few people doing it. The results can be seen at :)
What's the biggest challenge you face? Belew 10 4 yearstienny (658): Financial constraint is the cause and strangely I tend to do others' tasks first. In the end, my own tasks are left behind. :(
It's not free if I have to give something... Belew 2 4 yearsBelew (11716): Home Depot sends out post cards asking for an email address. In exchange they will give a $10 off coupon. How much is your email address worth? How much would you pay to get a valid email address?
Calling Out People Who Go Above and Beyond Belew 6 4 yearstienny (658): Even I love this group. I hope to be able to meet you all in person rather than virtual. I am thankful for @Belew to include me in this group and help me in the purchased wordpress installation. Now, I can manage my own. Glad and thankful.
Definitive Guide- Engaging Content Marketing Belew 10 4 yearsBelew (11716): It took them 110 pages to say that? Thanks!
SURVEY - Which Would You Rather Have? Belew 27 4 yearsBelew (11716): @dmortaz where did you go? Check the Meetup announcements. It's in Los Altos tonight.
How Do You Deal with Seasons at Work? Belew 12 4 yearsRev (5413): @Belew Somethings just don't have an off switch. The sun, for example, thankfully. So don't fret about it. Adapt to it -- you surely have by now -- and don't let other people's routines bug you. As we used to say, "Do your own thing, man!" @lunar_ranger Thank you. I have found my place and I live it. It works for me. Not for everyone though. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."...
Who Gives You Real Feedback on Your Life? Belew 7 4 yearsBelew (11716): @fredhoot. .. if your sked changes perhaps you can join us at some point.
How to Know if a Website has been hacked? Mavika30 13 4 yearstienny (658): @morrnel Thanks
What Will You Be Teaching 6 Months from Now? Belew 9 4 yearsSteve (3649): I once used cave paintings as the earliest known examples of content marketing ... but I've never run a class about Jesus and anything ... lol
Sliders Bad for SEO dzflower453 10 4 yearsBelew (11716): Instead of thinking is XYZ bad for SEO, why not instead ask what is good for SEO and do that?
Absolute Beginner's Guide - Google Analytics Belew 5 4 yearsbrandnub (34): @belew My site is not wordpress, but I use the exclude self and sort of started to weed out bots based on some info like device, network . . . I do plan on wordpress blog, so I will try that too.
Do You Abandon Content When It's Too Long? Belew 10 4 yearsfredhoot (127): @morrnel, that's one of the reasons I joined this forum...
Long-form Publishing on LinkedIn is Dying Belew 4 4 yearstienny (658): I wonder too
What is the Best Image Optimizer? tienny 8 4 yearstienny (658): Hmmm . . . zn image optimizer? I try to look at it.
Increasing Effectiveness of a Call-to-Action Belew 4 4 yearsBelew (11716): @Steve My golf buddy is on sabbatical. No one to play with for a couple of months.
Emotional Roller Coaster Rides Online Belew 8 4 yearstienny (658): I almost can't handle it. Thank God for some people to help me to stand up.
Advice for my blog page labellecleo 9 4 yearstienny (658): @labellecleo At first I thought I want to hide. But I can't find any appropriate name. On second thought, I choose to use own name to treat it as my portfolio.
Launching a new blog as a Web site 9millionairess 10 4 yearsBelew (11716): @Rev Paul Newman (one of the greats) said, "I have made more money off of my salad dressings than I did acting."
Embedding Videos and Digital Content dzflower453 7 4 yearsBelew (11716): @Rev If I go to a website and I start hearing things ... I run.
Getting Advice on Content Curation Sites Rev 5 4 yearsBelew (11716): @morrnel Nouns. Phrases.... 3-4-5 word phrases.
Making a Product or Marketing it? Which is.. Belew 6 4 yearsRev (5413): @Belew Perhaps it involves the difference (is there one?) between professional marketing and organic marketing... And I wasn't thinking "contrary", rather "precise".
How to handle stepping outside expertise Belew 10 4 yearsBelew (11716): Speaking to this room full of elderly folk was great fun. They were cut ups, they interrupted me, they poked fun, they were not PC, they laughed out loud ... they wanted to stay around for me to do more ... but the champagne was calling. And I didn't have to compete with whatever they might have been looking at on their cell phones! I wish I had more engaged crowds like them.
Who do you trust to give you feedback? Belew 14 4 yearsBelew (11716): I'll take feedback from most anyone ... but it doesn't mean I will listen.
Everyone has an opinion abt logos morrnel 27 4 yearscm_hazelwood (244): Oh well. Is that good for Medicare? Just kidding.
my domain name differs from another by dash labellecleo 9 4 yearstienny (658): Good discussion and learn something from this.
Feedback or Complaints 9millionairess 5 4 yearsRev (5413): Apparently, while it is against the law for businesses to discriminate against people on the grounds of race, religion, or other prescribed factors, it is not against the law to discriminate against fat white people who spend excessive amounts of money in your store. You can just say "No thanks. Get out!" and the law will be on your side. Go figure. It is stupid business practice but not illegal.
Identifying Keywords - Too Good to Be True? jycmba 11 4 yearsmorrnel (697): @belew: you have written so many articles (thousands?), your keyword research is also organic your content goes directly from your mind to page one without even thinking about it. And you can have all the social media dots connected as part of it. This I envy. @jycmba... I went back and re-watched the video. I totally missed the part about the product. I need to know high level, why I need it. No hook. I do keyword research and would...
Some feedback on a name for my Medicare site morrnel 5 4 yearstienny (658): Is there a better word other than Medicare?
Where Do You Go When You Have to Focus? Belew 24 4 yearstienny (658): Thanks