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What's the Best Publisher sans agent? jmolan 16 1 yeargspieler (490): @Belew: You are very funny. Here is how it goes for most authors. We are responsible for cashing the check. I really don't care that I didn't make a lot of money on the book. It has served me very well. I learned early on not to expect to get rich writing a book...for most of us. We'll see what happens. In terms of the movie stuff, I had excellent representation. My agent has a contract with a major entertainment law firm in Los Angeles. I...
Must I have a website/domain host? julesthoughts 4 1 yearRev (5413): @julesthoughts I take it from what you said that you have a blog site on That is a great place to start and, for many, a great place to stay. Should you ever decide to move to a self-hosted WordPress site, moving your content is a breeze. As Bill said, you really can't do business from the free WordPress blog site. It's against their rules and just difficult to do. They offer (overpriced) upgrades that will let you add business...
Shameless promotion. jmolan 5 2 yearsFrugalTravelsNepal (97): My goal, particularly since they are hell-bent on gutting health care, I'm trying to help people from the US to come here for health care and respite. We can provide a lovely room with a view of the Himalayan foothills with spectacular views of the Himalayas on clear days for long-term stays. There are many hospitals with an international presence. You can expect to get the same level of care as you would in the country that funds them. There...
How to Get a Good Review Your Book jmolan 14 2 yearsBelew (11716): I was going to share some of the more memorable lines I got from @jmolan's book. But the more I read, and this is the simple truth, the more I found ... then I couldn't remember which ones I wanted to share or where I could find them. Guess that's why some books get read more than once. 8-)
Photo frustrations jmolan 13 2 yearsRev (5413): If you really want options in a theme, check out Woo Canvas!
How to make book Publishing profitable Happytweeting 27 2 yearstienny (658): @aspringteen42 I can resonate with you. Recently, I feel stuck with the product I believe in. Someone says not good enough. Another person says good work. Later on, I realize that there is some changes I need to work on. Recently, my friend highlighted the differences between tortoise and turtle. Now I feel so stuck in the product improvement myself. As if I am the omega illustrator.
Do Freemium Models Work? How can I know? jmolan Jump to first page51Jump to last page 2 yearsTParker (529): Being on a cruise is a great reason to be unplugged. (Even if you are working.) :)
Web-site reluctance jmolan 10 2 yearsjmolan (478): @TParker, very cool, if you want an interview or anything, just let me know...:-)
Getting Paid to Publish Short Stories jmolan Jump to first page39Jump to last page 2 yearsjmolan (478): Jules, if you take any word like HERE Highlight that word, click on link in the menu bar just above your posting. Enter the URL, I just copy and paste it in, and wall ah! You can have it link to anything.
My article about marketing your book TParker 4 2 yearsTParker (529): In the past, I preferred shorter articles. But now that I have to conduct research on a wider variety of topics, I am finding more value in long-form pieces. I've seen 1000-word pieces that just skim several topics without saying anything actionable. Of course, a 500-word post with a single actionable point can be valuable. With the shorter posts, you would definitely need create a directory to allow readers to find "the next...
Sign up for my email list? jmolan 2 2 yearsBelew (11716): @jmolan Id give away a screen saver. Your stuff is cool (no pun intended) enough for that.
Joint Ventures Can Help Book Launches Winsome1 13 2 yearstienny (658): @Winsome1 Thank you for your kind compliment 😊 I'm not a dentist. I'm an animator. @belew I question that. If I'm in your friend's position, I would have given my lists. Now I learn to question it. 🤔
3 Phases of Author Platform Building Replay Winsome1 7 2 yearsIamstevenb (55): @Winsome1 I am interested in what you have to say about building my author platform. Will you repeat your webinar anytime soon?
Thank you for inviting me into this forum... thegurns 3 2 yearsthegurns (1): Thank you for asking. My first book is a fun trip down memory lane and my experiences as a player, coach and avid fan of Boston sports. It's sequel is a story of uncommon love and devotion between fathers and sons.It is also an ode to me late, great father and a legacy for my new grandson. Take Care, Keith
Encore webinar - authors, coaches, speakers Winsome1 4 2 yearsSusanDay (2023): Sounds very interesting
HTML5 video players, which one works for you NicholasBodell 2 2 yearsRev (5413): Did you know there is a video player built into WordPress? If you don't need all the features, just put the URL to the video (on site or off) on a single line in your page or post and it will load and play.
ARC copies of ROSA NO-NAME available RogerBruner 2 2 yearsRev (5413): @RogerBruner What format(s) do you have?
New writer need help turning story into book Jonny 18 2 yearsJonny (1): Yes it does help thankyou. I need to read it through again as I know there are parts that I rushed, which need joining up properly (my son, in this case being my antagonist!) There are also developmental gaps in the life of the gorilla as well as opportunities for some events which give the artists an angle to create from. I rushed to try to get the book out of my head before I just didn't bother. After all, how many people have said 'a pink...
In Westerns, the Myth is Everything Silverscreen59 3 2 yearsSilverscreen59 (4): The myth is what keeps westerns alive. As John Ford put it in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance..."When the legend becomes fact, print the legend."
Western Film Historian Silverscreen59 6 2 yearsSilverscreen59 (4): Howdy, Rev. I have interviewed many of the stars of Gunsmoke and have become very good friends with a couple, Buck Taylor & head writer Paul Savage (now deceased). They shared some very fascinating and eye opening stories about the cast and show itself.
Gottogo history. Can you guys help me out Gottogo17 6 2 yearsFreedomSeekers (4): @Gottogo17 If I may; your company vision is helping others by giving back something they need... Like transportation. Your services will provide rides to people on off hours when there's no bus service to and from work. The name of your company is quite unusual, and highly affected if you marketing it in the right Metro areas. So my question to you is how are you planning on branding your vision. What things do you have in place to...
How can marketers become hit makers? Belew 11 2 yearsBelew (11716): @Rev My little one's site has abt 2x the number of followers as you ... Tweets at abt the same pace as you do ... and to no surprise gets about 2x the number of impressions that you do.
3 Phases of Platform Building - FREE Webbie! Winsome1 2 2 yearsBelew (11716): Got book? Gonna have a book? Helping somebody else market a book? This webbie is free. Why wouldn't you sign up? And if you can't make it ... you can get the recording to NOT watch, er to watch it later. Seriously. I just sent the link to a friend.
4 Way Reasons to Invest in Yourself and Book Winsome1 12 2 yearsSusanDay (2023): @Winsome1 Thanks again. I have been studying sales / marketing funnels so I'll give this a go. I have only just started - 5,000 words but I will start building my list now.
How to Get More Leads Through Interviews Winsome1 3 2 yearsRev (5413): @Winsome1 Awesome material here. Thanks for sharing.
Size Matters..Your List and Book Launch Winsome1 8 2 yearsSusanDay (2023): @Winsome1 I offer a free ebook called "Help! My Grandkids Don't Like Reading!" 7 ways to engage and develop a love of books and reading. It's early days, the site is only a few months old. I have over 100 blog posts, and this week I've started reaching out to write guest spots on baby boomer sites and other authors I know.
Be Asked Back For Interviews..Over and Over Winsome1 5 2 yearsTParker (529): Same answer for every question. Networking and building relationships. ;)
Determining Best Prices for Product Offers Winsome1 5 2 yearsSusanDay (2023): @Winsome1 This is a great question, that we have all wrestled with at some time or another. @Belew certainly has the best approach!
Are You A Thought Leader Or An Expert? Winsome1 11 2 yearsphilipwatling (103): Which community do I serve? My book was written for everybody. Sure I initially wrote it for those poor souls trying to come to terms with their own head injuries. This grew to include all hospital admissions, then onto people who suffered medical trauma and then onto simply trauma? Divorce even? Why not, it's traumatic! Ultimately my book is a true story of my life, my death and my resurrection, which will inspire people and give them hope -...
Change your life, change the world. philipwatling 5 2 yearsphilipwatling (103): Chuck, you hit the nail on the head. My experiences are my experiences. I never try and preach to people telling them to follow me. They must learn to go there own way - I just give them an example. My book is inspirational, so I have often been told, because I went to a certain type of hell and found my own way out, but mine is not the only path! Laurence, thank you for your kind words and for saying that you will help spread the word. I am a...
When Failure Is No Longer an Option Winsome1 5 2 yearsBelew (11716): @Winsome1 Thru 12/31 - 562 books... starting from when?
Danger..Wrong Way Book Promotion Winsome1 9 2 yearsMrLeon (22): Will do @sumbay
Size Matters if You Want to Sell Books Winsome1 9 2 yearsBelew (11716): @Winsome1 How to use your book to open doors sounds like a good topic for a webinar or smth or rather, eh?
Who wants a sneak peek? Winsome1 2 2 yearsBelew (11716): @Winsome1 Is there a replay?
The Broken Dreams of Authors Winsome1 13 2 yearsRev (5413): My first book helped make me known. My subsequent books helped make me money. @Winsome1, great set of questions but only with reference to the publishing process. Nothing about marketing. And marketing is the key!
Does Your Brand Stink? Winsome1 4 2 yearsRev (5413): @Steve I dunno... I see some great advice and information, with personal experience to drive it home. Different strokes...
What Is An Author Platform and Why Do I Need Winsome1 6 2 yearsWinsome1 (337): That is an interesting question. I think you are referring in part to artists vs starving artists. Fiction writers are in this situation frequently. Although, the Internet provides them with more creative ways to engage and build a following than ever before. I mostly work with non-fiction authors. Most of them are writing books to establish themselves as experts. The reasons they are not successful run the gamut from inconsistent messaging to...
A Book is Just A Book Without A Platform Winsome1 9 2 yearsBelew (11716): @Rev My friend got her break more than 10 years ago. All of us are much smarter now than we were 10 years ago. If somebody handed me $200k and said leave it to us 10 years ago I would have left it to them.
Why Social Proof Matters for Authors Winsome1 12 2 yearsWinsome1 (337): I have done JV's with people in my group. They have worked out well. My most successful program launch was in September and I crushed it with JV partners. My business doubled.