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Serious and Honest Visibility - Backlinks Belew 17 2 yearslunar_ranger (586): Just checking out my new label.
women/children who deal w domestic violence llanik 4 3 yearsllanik (31): @Seniorpreneur Thank you for the welcome. I see it as addiction.Here are the following addictions sex, alcohol, meth, food, gambling, ciggarettes,to name a few therefore relationship addiction. The majority of the time you will find the males who violate grew up in homes where they watched their mothers severely disrespected and violated daily. Just like alcohol addiction or ciggarettes you know its bad for you but you can't put it down
How to Attract More Readers with Video jycmba Jump to first page52Jump to last page 3 yearsBelew (11716): "If you don't enjoy learning it, it's probably 'not your thing.'" This is a terrific insight and one I hadn't thought of. Thanks for hitting me with it. I needed that.
Programming languages for digital marketers? Guru_genius 5 3 yearsGuru_genius (4): @Rev Thank you so much! You've been a huge help. I'm definitely bookmarking this page for reference and would go straight to learning the 4 core languages in the order you suggested and save Python for last (if necessary). Also, I've been blogging using blogspot for a while now and I've always felt the urge to learn to use WordPress as well but never did, I guess I needed a push such as this. I'll start learning it right away too....
Request for a Link Jonnner 8 3 yearsLizG (55): Yes, this template looks like it came from a follower of Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko. Backlinks are still a major ranking factor from the numbers I've seen, even from small sites as long as they aren't spammy and industry related. This is a very valid strategy for getting more referral traffic as well as increasing organic ranking in the SERPs. The trick is sculpting your links to include desired keywords in the anchor text and to...
Are real comments to blogs coming back? Belew 4 4 yearsRev (5413): I guess cheating isn't limited to college admission tests, and it shouldn't surprise me, but the amount of it really is astounding. Registered Republicans cheat. Registered Democrats cheat. Independents cheat, registered or not. Doctors cheat. Police officers cheat. Lawyers cheat -- okay, never mind lawyers, we already knew that! Mothers cheat. Fathers cheat. Grandmothers and grandfathers cheat. People who profess to be born again Christians...
Best Advertising Advice Please? notyourmomscloset 23 4 yearsMLHarris (88): Notyourmomscloset - what's your name? Yes, Bill, Rev, Steve have given you great advice..however, once you know who your audience is this will help you greatly. Create a VIP club for your buyers..I wrote about this on LinkedIn.. I have a service that you can list your business for free. An app that promotes don't pay until they...
I know this is a bad backlink, but why? dmortaz 3 4 yearsRev (5413): And if it is one, or two, or five, or twelve, links Google won't mind. You will never be able to control who links to you and Google knows that. Don't panic over every little thing. The key is to get as many good links, and their positive value, as is reasonable.
Redeeming Mobile Capability dzflower453 5 4 yearsdzflower453 (196): Hi everyone, Thank you very much. My boss was concerned that some of the pictures don't stack the same way on mobile as on the webpage. His website manager is working on it as well, but I will pass what the Rev said on to her.
YouTube Channel's 6 Ranking Factors Belew 2 4 yearstienny (658): Oh no! I have made mistakes for not having channel video homepage and description. :eek: How do I introduce myself in my own channel? Is using the artist statement in my biography enough? My YouTube channel is at
Toxic Behaviors Poison Teams = Why I Work .. Belew 4 4 yearsBelew (11716): @Rev Same here.
REPORT - 0-60,000/month Unique Visits 2-yrs Belew 10 4 yearsdmortaz (145): Thanks for sharing bill! I also second their strategy which combines good content with advertising.
How does Guest Posting Work? 9millionairess 8 4 yearslunar_ranger (586): @Belew I guest post now ONLY if there is a great opportunity, I have a great relationship with them, and I can provide something of value to them. It needs to pairs nicely with what I've got on-site and should resonate and be complimentary enough to share through social.
Shopify vs Wordpress for Blogging Addy_walls 5 4 yearsAddy_walls (10): I am planning to have about 50 skus in my store. Most of these would change infrequently with few udpates now and then.
MedicareFiveStars to stardom morrnel 5 4 yearsmorrnel (697): Once the phrase is added, it is linked through what I guess you could call scraping. Now manual linking was necessary. Add the term to the glossary and the links appear auto magically.
What is the Dummies Version of Backlinks? dzflower453 9 4 yearsRev (5413): The best of both worlds, of course, is people who comment on your content and then put a link on their site back to yours.
List of social media sites? morrnel 7 4 yearsSteve (3649): If your blog has good stuff on it, and you promote it only on the social media sites you are active on, your audience will give you all the inbound links you could ever want... all you have to do is engage them.