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Facebook Boosts and stats gspieler 5 1 yearBelew (11716): @gspieler Congrats on figuring out what works for you and building your audience. Find a good strategy to stay engaged with them and it'll grow more.
Google Analytics stopped slaqjaw 10 2 yearsBelew (11716): @slaqjaw Yup. I'll be there. 2-part workshop.
Stacked offer? Scarcity Principle Marketing jmolan 11 2 yearsRev (5413): "Strong demand has forced us to keep the offer open..." Translation: We didn't sell enough to cover our costs so we're keeping this live. "We're reopening our offer for just this week..." Translation: If you miss it we'll probably do this again next month. "This is exclusive for a select number of people..." Transltion: As many as we can sucker into signing up to our list. False scarcity is nothing...
Starting off with a new service Natishafost 3 2 yearsSusanDay (2023): @Natishafost Your website and blog can do anything you want them to. Go for it, and let us know how you go!
Economic, Emotional, Spiritual Entrepreneur Philc 5 2 yearsPhilc (4): Good to meet all of you as well as others who believe in collaborating and giving for others benefit! I typed in another post, I'm sure I will adapt quickly once I get familiar with this platform. I have always had an entreprenurial spirit, and seen many business models the last 35 years or so. I do have "Brick & Mortar" Service family business that I look forward to growing; and I learned many years ago about the concept of...
SEO Tools TParker 8 2 yearslunar_ranger (586): Once you understand that most analytics and some research data capture is sh!t its easy to ignore and filter a lot of the clutter. Just because you're seeing data points, and charts, doesn't mean that it's useful.
Good morning. My name is Mark Markmuk32 5 2 yearsSusanDay (2023): @Markmuk32 Hi Mark What brings you to the forum? And, who's that behind you!?
What's cheap can't be .... Something? numoquest 3 2 yearsnumoquest (28): Might be a nice idea. Honored for the idea. Thank you :)
Google Reindex slaqjaw 26 2 yearsslaqjaw (10): Not sure, but that site also said was not indexed and I get great SEO on that site. Of interest was a side article attached to their report page about helping SEO. Nothing specifically new however, having it all in one place was interesting...
Gottogo history. Can you guys help me out Gottogo17 6 2 yearsFreedomSeekers (4): @Gottogo17 If I may; your company vision is helping others by giving back something they need... Like transportation. Your services will provide rides to people on off hours when there's no bus service to and from work. The name of your company is quite unusual, and highly affected if you marketing it in the right Metro areas. So my question to you is how are you planning on branding your vision. What things do you have in place to...
True Measurement of a Website KathrynLang 13 2 yearsRev (5413): They didn't??? :eek:
Futurist passionate abt analytics socialinsights 5 2 yearszsazsa (19): Hi Paul. Nice to meet you. My futurist thinking lays in the present. I think it is important for earthlings usually live in the past or the future as a fantasy, but not many realises that the future is in the present so we need to live in it to consciously create a future.
Google Analytic Acct Setup on Multiple Acts. lunar_ranger 5 2 yearsLizG (55): I am so confused. AdWords has GCLID tracking built in, it doesn't need its own separate Analytics tracking. Just connect it to whichever views you want to see AdWords data and voila - it will all work in one place. You could track both domains with 1 Account and 2 properties. You could even do cross domain tracking if you really wanted to (do not recommend): I would just enable AdWords...
Google Analytics Goal Conversion for Dynamic lunar_ranger 3 2 yearsLizG (55): Are you trying to track each page as its own goal? Or are they sharing a goal? If they each need to be their own goal, event tracking is the best way to accomplish this. Are you using Wufoo forms or u Unbounce? Last time I checked Wufoo did not allow event tracking, but Unbounce and Leadpages do. In fact if you have an AdWords account (even if you aren't using it) you can call the AdWords help line, select Analytics from the menu, and an...
How do you use AdWords? MartinTolovski 9 2 yearsBelew (11716): @gregoryamoshe Can you be more specific? Without naming names, of course.
WordFence to prevent hacked login attempts slaqjaw 7 2 yearsBelew (11716): I should have used WordFence. Argh!!
Growing a physical following by the numbers. Belew Jump to first page39Jump to last page 2 yearsBelew (11716): This group has grown another 300 members in the past 3 months. 3 new members/day ... not bad, not bad.
Does anyone care about Yoast readability? Sagekreyol 8 2 yearsBelew (11716): Yoast is useful for beginners. It's also double work. You end up repeating or rewriting = redundant. Follow a few basic rules and you need not use the plug in. I have never used it and don't plan to start.
Twitter Data Dashboard Ideas skappal 11 2 yearsskappal (70): @Belew I am equally thrilled...hope to share my knowledge with everyone and help you all with what I know and what I can !!!
Nutty Life of an Analyst !!! skappal 5 2 yearsskappal (70): The Ecological Fallacy
Analytical Trick to Boost Content Marketing skappal 5 2 yearsskappal (70): @Steve Thanks for asking this question ! To an extent you are right in saying that the paper ads have outperformed all the other mediums (Ad channels) if we go by sheer numbers and how they add up. However, the premise of this analysis is not to simply look at the aggregations but to explore the relationships of these Add Mediums with the Products. This analysis explores the relationships in between the rows and columns. By transforming the...
How to Download Twitter Data skappal 6 3 yearsskappal (70): @SusanDay thanks a lot :)!!!
Creating a Pleasurable Stimulus for Customer skappal 9 3 yearsSusanDay (2023): @Belew @skappal A webinar would be a great idea!
Understanding how to use Google Analytics Caffus 3 3 yearsCaffus (28): Ok thank you
Anyone had any success on Fiverr? Belew 20 3 yearsBelew (11716): @jycmba Well done!!
Live Case Study: My First Blog Feldman 14 3 yearsBelew (11716): @Feldman I'd like to hear how you are coming along as well.
Social Media Metrics chrisleffler 20 3 yearsglobalman22 (76): I especially like @Steve's comment above: "We all monitor different things... most count new followers... some monitor engagement... but the only one worth monitoring is the conversion of social media followers in to prospects ( those entering your sales funnel ) and ultimately customers". If the purpose of your efforts is a commercial endeavor, I'm sure it all comes down to conversions.
Website Search Data Analytics Steve 14 3 yearsRev (5413): "Those who never make mistakes work for those of us who do." ~Henry Ford When it comes to website search, there are two primary options: 1 - use the website internal search (if it has one), or 2 - install Google search for the site. It may seem an obvious choice but there are benefits and limitations to each. Consider your choice carefully.
Successful Paid Advertising Case Studies ... Belew 12 3 yearsglobalman22 (76): This spells out a good case for making sure that your content marketing efforts are spent pouring your heart into something you care about and believe in. First develop a content-rich site with good in-bound and out-bound links, and then combine some paid ads (placed on similar niche sites that would have an interest in your topic) to attract eyeballs to your message. The whole reason for paying to attract traffic would be to accelerate...
Adsense is in place Belew 15 3 yearsSummerbay (379): I've made 2 cents! The rocket is preparing for take-off, I can see.
Never build presence on another platform Belew 8 3 yearsBelew (11716): @tienny Yes, I have had the experience. Am in the middle of a yet unresolved experience.
Switch to Competetive Intelligence nmasand 5 3 yearsjycmba (2653): Hi @nmasand - I don't know much about your industry, but I would start by looking at associations for folks in market research. There you can connect with individuals who are working in that field, and they'd be the best source of practical advice. A quick glance shows 761 groups for marketing research in LinkedIn.
Are Forums Worth the Effort - 3 part series Belew 2 3 yearsBelew (11716): Numbers don't lie unless you lie about them or twist what them to say what you want. This forum has been a labor of love for me ... but recently it has more than given back. What's your labor of love?
Any recommends for intranet searchability? rcayeras 5 3 yearsrcayeras (439): @Rev Sorry for my late response - I ended up out of town with truly unreliable internet access. Thanks for the input. The in-house request has expanded to wanting to use DITA (which requires CMS) - which is severe overkill for single sourcing content and anything else. I don't think they have any idea what single sourcing is.
Email Marketing automation questions dmortaz 6 3 yearsRev (5413): When working the stats, remember that "opens" is reliant upon the reading app and its settings and is, therefore, a suspect number. If you are running WordPress on a reliable hosting service with a suitable package, MailPoet is a plugin worth looking at.
5 SEO Tips to Improve Magento Store Ranking TMOGroup 3 3 yearsLizG (55): If you are new to eCommerce and not rich, you should not be using Magento. Even a sub-par developer will charge you 7k+ for a Magento site. Then you have to learn how the back end of the CMS works, lol - which is complicated to say the least. Say goodbye to the wysiwyg editor and hello to static blocks. The biggest SEO tip for improving Magento site ranking is site speed. You can't be indexed if the bot can't crawl your site. Server response...
Successful Case Study in Paid Advertising Belew 1 3 yearsBelew (11716): Google teamed up with me at my Meetup last night. They shared a lot of good stats and I shared a successful case study in paid advertising.
How to do research with social media? tienny 7 3 yearstienny (658): @Belew Thanks
what are the most popular requests in google Tonyyakovlev 12 4 yearsBelew (11716): What if Robin Williams wanted to download a free vacuum cleaner? Okay. I am kidding. I have never used a keyword tool. But perhaps a Google adwords account is a good place to start. You will learn the most popular terms and what it costs to buy them...just don't buy. might do what you want. Perhaps someone else here has done what you are doing. I wish I were more help.
Where can I find SEO/SEM help? jlr5385 15 4 yearsLizG (55): You never said what type of Adwords your client is buying. 7 dollars a day is literally nothing, and it's probably not set up correctly - thus not leading to conversions. I would do three things just with Google alone: 1) Display advertising with targeted placements and demographics by age/gender. One campaign for each of the product groups, so one for breast pumps, one for diabetic shoes, and one for braces. Each campaign has 3 - 6 image...
How Barbara Corcoran Hacked Her PR Growth yathso 11 4 yearsyathso (43): any way to leverage your oversea assistants to get the emails and contact information?
100,000v per Month . . . within 9-months Lenderman33 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 4 yearsLenderman33 (250): Hi @Belew - Thank you. Will watch along! Erik
App Google Analytics tienny 3 4 yearstienny (658): @belew thank you.
How much MOJO does a person need? Belew 2 4 yearsbdaoust (949): It is far too easy to try and be everywhere with your name and brand but... Isn't it all about where your target market hangs out. Even more, isn't it where most of them hang out most of the time. Keep yourself top of mind in these few places. Building a strategy that offers a few strong tactics is likely the best way to go. And, yes, it is time to get some client engagement for sure.
Can You Maintain Growth fm Twitter to Site? Belew 5 4 yearsSteve (3649): me too?
Did You Know You Could Do this W/ LinkedIn? Belew 11 4 yearstienny (658): When I watch the replay, it is a good refresher of my memory. I'm wondering. Which part of my LinkedIn need to be improved? Should I use toplinked?
10 Most Popular Content Marketing Threads Belew 4 4 yearsBelew (11716): This thread is harder and harder to keep current. Should I just go by thread count, or.... deep interest? I don't know.
Most Shared Facebook Publishers June 15th Belew 5 4 yearsdmortaz (145): It's a good place to write about politcs.
How Would You Change Google Analytics? Belew 2 4 yearstienny (658): Hmm 😶
Redeeming Mobile Capability dzflower453 5 4 yearsdzflower453 (196): Hi everyone, Thank you very much. My boss was concerned that some of the pictures don't stack the same way on mobile as on the webpage. His website manager is working on it as well, but I will pass what the Rev said on to her.
Footnotes in SEO traffic dzflower453 4 4 yearsBelew (11716): @dzflower453 It does help, if the link is a prestigious source. It helps more if the source thinks you are worth linking to.
How much do you rely on psychology to do ... Belew 15 4 yearsBelew (11716): Thomas Edison's first invention was an electronic voting machine for a group of city officials. But nobody would use it. Everybody wanted to know how the other would vote BEFORE they would commit. Edison resolved to NEVER invent something unless he KNEW it was going to be used. It does pay to know you audience before you try to deliver what they want, eh?
When is a Training Course Designed to Fail? Belew 10 4 yearstienny (658): @belew Good to do that. Or else I can't complete the course.
2 Challenges to Get 1st 5000 Forum Users Belew 3 4 yearsBelew (11716): @morrnel Visitor.
Will Traffic to Forums Grow Organically? Belew 8 4 yearsBelew (11716): @morrnel I answered the question on how forums get started ... for now.
Most Effective Lead Generation Tactic Belew 9 4 yearsBelew (11716): @nicosuccess You are definitely the right person for teaching how to make the most of Facebook ads. Very much looking forward to this.
What Marketers Need Know abt LGBT Consumers Belew 2 4 yearstienny (658): So much work.
How Many Clicks Can $1500 buy @ Twitter? Belew 7 4 yearsgregoryamoshe (16): I am in a good place now! Thank you Bill. I kinda missed the action but I'm glad I took it the sabbatical because my mind is more focused than ever. I will give you a call.
Google Analytics? Different Views ActiveWits 9 4 yearsBelew (11716): @PatS in the browser preferences. The link @Steve provided is a great resource. A bit hard to digest perhaps but all the info you need is there.
Twitter Users Don't Like to Engage? Belew 10 4 yearsActiveWits (13): @Steve - How long did it take for you to get your first 100 twitter followers? Also, it feels like a bunch of people have automated following tools. I thought Twitter banned those.
How Often Do You Check Your Smartphone? Belew 17 4 yearsdono2081 (187): Make 'em show you Dad! They'd love it. So will you when you get the hang of it. D
June's Most Tweeted Sites Belew 7 4 yearsHoda (46): LOL
What are best practices for subdomains? tienny 6 4 yearstienny (658): @Rev Thanks :)
How Do Marketers Ask Bloggers to Prove Value Belew 9 4 yearsRev (5413): @Belew That's sad. Really.
Organic vs Social vs Referral Traffic ... Belew 17 4 yearstienny (658): @Belew Thanks. Sure, I'm keeping my eyes and ears open.
4 New Moments Every Marketer Should Know Belew 4 4 yearsHoda (46): @belew Aaahh merci beaucoup!
How to Do Keyword Research Correctly lunar_ranger 7 4 yearslunar_ranger (586): @jewellswriter Looking forward to doing it. What do you want to hear about?
What is content marketing Steve 4 4 yearsBelew (11716): @jycmba And you have a great group to copy from here!
AMA - Meetup in Silicon Valley morrnel 9 4 yearsmorrnel (697): @Belew, I think I got the questions. Looks like all are chirping in with answers.
How Many Twitter Followers Do Your Fans Have Belew 24 4 yearsSteve (3649): The people I want to follow I add to a list, these are the people I follow ... three or four times a week ... I will check my feed once or twice a day... and see if anything interests me ... All in all I probably spend 30-60 mins on Twitter each day ... five to ten mins of FaceBook, same with LinkedIn ... and maybe a minute or two of Google Plus. I check Google Analytic daily ... Write content daily ... even while I was dealing with being...
REPORT - 0-60,000/month Unique Visits 2-yrs Belew 10 4 yearsdmortaz (145): Thanks for sharing bill! I also second their strategy which combines good content with advertising.
Google analytics on WordPress labellecleo 12 4 yearslunar_ranger (586): @labellecleo Waiting for site traffic to come in is the horribly exciting part of the site owner experience... Its the kettle that never boils when you're obsessing over it. Suppress your IP so the numbers aren't skewed. Remember that this is a long-term, almost always agonizing process for most people. Remember to put good stuff in there, talk to the right people, promote (important initially, at some point it will naturally attract), and...
How does Guest Posting Work? 9millionairess 8 4 yearslunar_ranger (586): @Belew I guest post now ONLY if there is a great opportunity, I have a great relationship with them, and I can provide something of value to them. It needs to pairs nicely with what I've got on-site and should resonate and be complimentary enough to share through social.
Why we like, share, post and comment on FB Belew 5 4 yearsBelew (11716): @pushpanc You can post the entire infographic, or chop it up. I do that sometimes. But I make sure that credit goes to the creator of the infographic. You can find that by clicking on the image. You can also give credit to where you found the infographic, in this case the forum here. I have given credit to them. Does this answer your question?
[STUDY] How often to blog for best results MichaelProcopio 14 4 yearsBelew (11716): @lunar_ranger Curious to know if you are satisfied with your strategy as well.
Absolute Beginner's Guide - Google Analytics Belew 5 4 yearsbrandnub (34): @belew My site is not wordpress, but I use the exclude self and sort of started to weed out bots based on some info like device, network . . . I do plan on wordpress blog, so I will try that too.
Do You Abandon Content When It's Too Long? Belew 10 4 yearsfredhoot (127): @morrnel, that's one of the reasons I joined this forum...
How to Move Content from pages 2-4 to 1st Belew 3 4 yearsfredhoot (127): Interesting,
Where Does Hubspot Get Its Traffic? Belew 6 4 yearsdono2081 (187): Either -- on skype i'm don.inquarta ... happy to chat. -D
When is the best time to Tweet updates? Belew 4 4 yearstienny (658): Thanks for this.
Long-form Publishing on LinkedIn is Dying Belew 4 4 yearstienny (658): I wonder too
Wordpress Blog Domain tienny 5 4 yearstienny (658): @Rev What will happen if click the "Go Premium" button at the free wordpress blog? Will it retain the current statistics?
How Long Should Blog Posts Be for Best ... Belew 5 4 yearsBelew (11716): @morrnel With more and more ppl reading stuff on their mobile phones, content is getting more and more concise ...not longer.
How to Create a Buyer Persona | Infographic Belew 4 4 yearstienny (658): @Belew Thank you.
Embedding Videos and Digital Content dzflower453 7 4 yearsBelew (11716): @Rev If I go to a website and I start hearing things ... I run.
RSS Feeds Give a Boost to SEO? dzflower453 5 4 yearsdzflower453 (196): Please elaborate.
Analysis of keyword difficulty | webinar mcc 5 4 yearsBelew (11716): has quite a reputation for their hard core research. It can become quite technical at times, but almost always insightful if you can follow it. Let us know here what you learn @mcc, please.
29 Essential Content Marketing Metrics Belew 18 4 yearsBelew (11716): The enterprising individual could take this single infographic and create 29+ posts, 29+ hangouts, and eBook and a partridge in a pear tree.
Making the most of Google Analytics Mavika30 4 4 yearsBelew (11716): I have been using Alexa for a very long time. What kind of information are you hoping to learn?
What Should We Think about Bounce Rates? Steve 10 4 yearsBelew (11716): @Steve But I thought you didn't look at analytics? 8-) I look at them way too much.
Members of the 400 Posts Club Belew 19 4 yearsrcayeras (439): The one I've been doing for a client for two years - does that count? Please? Darn, posting #2 that's less than 400. :(
What is on your to do, done list today? Steve 15 4 yearscm_hazelwood (244): Yesterday I hosted a local church Women's Missionary Support group at my house, so that meant I cleaned off my desk, the cleanest it's been for a long time! A friend and I sliced apples, washed cherries, and put out cheese and crackers, with water, apple juice, sodas, and coffee. It was too hot for the coffee, about 88 degrees Farenheit, even at 7:30 pm. It was a good meeting, we had two lady missionaries, both from Montana. One is...
How to Get Rid of Spam Bots in Analytics PatS 7 4 yearsBelew (11716): GM Block Bots
Blocking Spam Bots in Referral Analytics Belew 5 4 yearsBelew (11716): A lot! There are some 400+ spam bots now that want you to think you are getting traffic when you are not.
Content Marketing Forum Milestones - 11 mths Belew 4 4 yearstienny (658): Thanks for your honesty. I can understand that. Even I hope to have more people to visit my site.
Stats people watch on Google Analytics Steve 16 4 yearstienny (658): Yes. Even I am trying to make the leap.
Get Rid of Garbage Stats in Google Analytics Belew 21 4 yearstienny (658): I see. Bill, thanks.
The Best Birthday Present Ever.... Belew 8 4 yearsbobpegram (121): I became a Christian within a week of my 30th birthday. A gift from God!
What's the Most Popular Post You Ever Wrote? Belew 25 4 yearsLloyd_Lofthouse (88): Thank you.